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mar 31,2021

new global headquarters of damon officially opened

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it has been nearly 20 years from damon technology entered the caohejing hi-tech park in 2003. it has accumulated thousands of miles and has grown from a privately-owned startup company to a leading enterprise in the subdivision field step by step. with the ipo listing, the company's business has continued to expand, its regional coverage has gradually expanded, and the number of personnel has increased rapidly. this has injected a steady stream of new forces into the scientific research and international business teams. therefore, as a global management, marketing and r&d center, damon shanghai headquarters has been given the new mission and greater responsibility.

on march 18, 2021, the official opening ceremony of damon’s new global headquarters has been hold.  guests at this event included leaders from xuhui district and caohejing development zone, various chambers of commerce, industry associations, investment institutions, partners and representatives of important customers, as well as media friends.


at 3:58 pm, with the melodious opening music, the ceremony began on time. mr. zhuo xu, chairman of damon technology, together with relevant leaders of xuhui district commerce committee and caohejing development zone, shanghai zhejiang chamber of commerce, logistics association and representatives of important customers jointly cut the ribbon for damon’s new global headquarters, and toasted with the guests to witness this exciting moment.


afterwards, the guests visited the new global headquarters accompanied. government leaders, industry associations and representatives of partners sent sincere blessings to damon. congratulations to damon for making great progress and reaching new heights and achieving a new leap!


in 2003, damon technology established the company's r&d and marketing platform from zhejiang to shanghai. today, damon’s office building in caohejing has been upgraded to the global management headquarters, and damon will be everywhere in the world. damon is fortunate to establish a global headquarters in shanghai, the most open, dynamic and innovative city, which means that we will be as compatible as the city of shanghai, continue to walk hand in hand with old friends from all walks of life, seek common development, and welcome more outstanding joining of talents.


the environment of the new headquarters is bright and transparent, with pure white and elegant gray, and the decoration is simple and atmospheric. the arc-shaped structure of the corridor on the seventh floor makes the open-plan office space unique, showing damonese inclusive hospitality. the extreme sports theme wall painting on the large column complements the modern design style, indicating the pioneering spirit of the damon people for forge ahead and challenge. the self-service bar area is equipped with automatic coffee machines, refreshment vending machines and other humanized equipment for employees. provide a good office environment. the staff style wall on the eighth floor shows damon's corporate values of positivity, self-confidence, bravery, innovation, unity and sharing, adding a touch of warmth to the new headquarters.

the headquarters has 12 large and small meeting rooms and 3 negotiation rooms, supplemented by advanced intelligent conference equipment, to meet the needs of meetings, meetings and training of different scales. the intelligent conference room system is more convenient and flexible to operate. it can conduct video and audio connection meetings with global customers at any time, and provide faster response for international customers. the establishment of the global project digital control center facilitates the management personnel to carry out real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of the equipment, and realizes the digital remote management of the project.


the comprehensive renovation of damon's headquarters not only means improvement of office conditions, but also demonstrates damon's great determination to enter the "internet internet of things" global enterprise.


in june 2020, damon technology was successfully listed on the science and technology innovation board of the shanghai stock exchange and became the first stock in the logistics equipment industry. it has a capital-level link with shanghai, an international financial center, and the involvement of capital will also help damon in the follow-up. more powerful impetus has been injected into the development. although the new crown epidemic has become normal, damon technology has never stopped its steps towards internationalization. the establishment of sales centers in india and vietnam has improved the service level of overseas projects and further consolidated the company’s connection with the mainstream market in southeast asia. add more attention to the blueprint of globalization. the recent signing of a cooperation agreement between damon technology and honeywell safety and productivity solutions group has accelerated the company's strategic layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing, making the company's business development more diversified.

throughout the field of smart logistics all over the world, damon technology has always been at the forefront of the development of china's smart logistics technology. by leveraging the advantages of the entire industry chain from core software and hardware to system integration, it is committed to the overall solution that meets the application scenarios and individual needs. the plan is brought to all walks of life around the world, creating many classic cases with global influence, and accumulating rich and solid experience in overseas project implementation.

with the care of shanghai municipal governments at all levels, the trust of high-quality customers and the support of partners, the recognition of the market and the blessing of capital, damon technology's future is unstoppable and has unlimited possibilities. the opening of the new global headquarters marks that damon will stand on a broader platform, start again, and complete a new leap. it is believed that in ten years, damon technology can become a world-class provider of intelligent logistics systems and core equipment, creating more value for global customers.

damon is ready to take off. based on the new global headquarters, all damon employees are ready to go. they will target china's leading enterprises in smart logistics and smart manufacturing solutions and digital services, and work together to create a better tomorrow. . damon technology stands on this key node of epoch-making significance, and will carry brand-new dreams. it will be guided by technological innovation, digitalization and globalization strategy, with the original intention as the rudder, hard work as the sail, and  sail towards new journey!

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