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jul 09,2021

professional material|damon technology's official website in both chinese and english is renewed and launched!

official announcement! after months of careful planning and design, the chinese and english official website of damon technology co., ltd. has finally been officially launched on the pc and mobile terminals, and will become a brand-new business card to display the brand image of damon technology.


one click to unlock the new official website of damon technology!

chinese official

english official

give a very early sneak peek at the six section

the new official website is divided into six sections: products, industry solutions, services and support, company, investor relations and contact us. the first part shows the brand competitiveness and company strength of damon technology in the logistics equipment industry in an all-round way. based on the principle of "interactivity, experience, branding and internationalization", damon technology creates a good customer experience.


this section directly displays damon's differentiated products and patent technology achievements through careful layout of combination of illustrations and word, and uses appropriate amount of icons to improve the comfort of customers. meanwhile, the marked "data download" icon is set up, and users can consult the specific product manual according to their own needs to select the appropriate products. in addition, the page also contains product characteristics, product models, partners and other content introduction, further help users to make product selection decisions.

industry solutions

damon  technology focuses on e-commerce, express delivery, supermarket, shoes and clothing, intelligent manufacturing and medicine. this section carries the understanding and blueprint of the company's business and scheme planning experts on system solutions, and builds a product portfolio and complete solutions that meet a variety of application scenarios. by elaborating the industry background, business challenges, advantages of damon and representative classic project cases, this page highlights damon's intelligent logistics system integration ability and integrated advantages of the whole industry chain.

service and support 

the purpose of this section is to provide customers with pre-sales planning consultation and after-sales technical guidance, training, maintenance, spare parts management and other supporting exclusive services, and fully demonstrate damon's professional whole process service with project management as the core. at present, this section includes 17 service projects, which will be continuously updated and improved to help customers better formulate project service plans.


this section comprehensively introduces the development history and core advantages of damon technology over the past 20 years, and shows three strategic directions for its future development: scale, digitization and globalization. damon's technological innovation ability, team honor, news and information, large-scale activities, corporate culture and other contents are all available, which vividly presents the whole picture of the company in front of customers, so that customers can have an in-depth understanding of damon technology. in addition, external promotion pays more attention to information aggregation and media integration.

investor relations

as a listed enterprise on the star market, damon technology added a new "investor relations" section on the chinese official website, focusing on the market situation of capital investment, timely disclosing and reporting the latest announcement of the company, and delivering good information and positive investment energy to investors. this section is conducive for investors to learn about the company's dynamic in many aspects, so as to objectively judge the comprehensive strength of damon technology.

contact us

this section covers the global business network and contact information, which vividly shows that damon's business has spread over more than 30 countries and regions overseas, with shanghai headquarters and huzhou central factory as the leader, and has set up production bases and sales service centers in australia, the united states and romania, and in the netherlands, germany, italy, india, vietnam and other countries south korea and other countries also have partners.

different from the "net", bright spots

#high appearance#  new website visual interface

the iterative revision of the new official website mainly aims at the improvement of the whole ui interface, icon, vi visual image recognition and other aspects. it takes the user experience as the center, adopts flat design, compact page structure, section type distribution of content, clean and refreshing, and guided layout, which brings users a more humanized interactive experience.

in addition, the overall color matching of the new official website adopts the green, gray and white color of damon technology logo, with damon green as the main color, and dark gray embellishment on the white background. the full picture of the rolling banner on the home page shows a full sense of modernity, and the atmospheric and simple style is in line with the current mainstream public aesthetic trend. the brand elements are incorporated into the design of the new official website, so that users can establish their brand identity with damon.

#powerful and practical#  rich and perfect menu function

the new official website is customer-oriented. in addition to "face changing", in order to create a user-friendly interface, the function of each menu bar is refined and optimized. the logic of the navigation menu is clear, the structure is more perfect, the content is rich, and the hierarchy is clear at a glance. in addition, a guide is set at the head and tail of the website, which greatly enhances the practicability of the official website. in addition, every time users click to enter a new page, a shortcut menu bar will appear on the right side, which makes the process simple and convenient for users to save time and operate quickly.

#internationalization#  chinese and english versions switch freely

as a globally influential provider of intelligent logistics systems and core equipment, damon has customers all over the world. therefore, the chinese and english versions of damon's new official website emerge as the times require. now it is easy to switch between the two versions with one click. the bilingual content is seamlessly linked, and the trouble of translation is avoided. it can meet the browsing needs of the majority of users, so that visitors at home and abroad can more easily obtain the information they need, and bring them international high-end experience

#experience upgrade#  synchronize the launch of mobile terminals

today, more and more people are inclined to view websites through mobile devices such as mobile phones to better utilize fragmented time to work. to meet the needs of users to solve business problems and share real-time information quickly, damon’s new official website adopts multi-terminal interface adaptive technology and response design, which enables users to view websites with multi-type devices, which can be as smooth and natural as when accessing traditional computer, and realize one-stop publishing and multi-platform browsing, further improve the browsing experience of mobile users.

nology to promote brand construction, aiming to empower the brand. as the stronghold of brand communication and the window of external communication, it is of great significance to enhance brand popularity and brand influence by a new damon official website, which lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of damon. in the future, damon will continue to base on the brand positioning of "intelligent logistics system and core equipment provider", expand the dimension of brand promotion, and inject strong momentum into the promotion of brand value concept.

for more content, come to the official website of damon technology to find out! we look forward to your attention~

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