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jul 30,2021

supply chain optimization, damon drives clothing logistics gorgeous broken

a grand gathering of national garment logistics people

the 4th national annual conference of garment logistics and supply chain industry hosted by china federation of logistics and procurement was successfully held at sofitel oriental sheshan hotel in shanghai from july 29th to 30th, 2021. the annual conference is a large-scale and far-reaching professional exchange activity in the field of garment logistics in china. it is an important platform for annual inventory, experience sharing and technology promotion. with the theme of "seeking progress in change and moving forward together", the conference attracted more than 1000 expert representatives from garment enterprises, logistics technology and equipment enterprises, colleges and universities and industry associations all over the country.

the conference comprehensively summarized the development status of the garment logistics industry and supply chain, focused on the challenges faced by the industry under the new situation, jointly discussed the future development trend around the industry operation mode, technological innovation, supply chain management and safety, and committed to building an integrated collaborative supply chain logistics service system upstream and downstream, so as to jointly promote the healthy development of the garment industry.

use both carrot and stick, damon provide support to the flexible supply chain

at this conference, damon technology won the "recommended supplier of 2021" by virtue of a variety of innovative products and advanced technologies that fit the characteristics of garment logistics operations.

in recent years, aiming at the characteristics of various categories and sizes of the garment industry, damon technology has devoted itself to developing two exclusive systems: suspension chain conveying and falling belt sorting, which can transport multiple clothing hanging bags /clothing hangers at the same time to the independent sorting of order fulfillment and delivery, so as to meet the delivery needs of garment factories and their logistics centers. at the same time, in order to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the carton type clothing supply chain system, damon's core product i-g5® modular intelligent conveying platform, dare loop cross belt sorter and vertical conveyor always play an important role. damon's characteristic intensive storage and retrieval systems, such as intelligent fast storage and intelligent shuttle, can quickly respond to the problems of return and order caching, and configure high-speed and flexible intelligent handling agv to greatly reduce the manual handling of the warehouse and improve the fluency between production processes.

as a well-known supplier of intelligent logistics system and core equipment in china, damon gives full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain from core software and hardware to system integration, and helps enterprises to make digital intelligent transformation in production, storage, distribution and other supply chain links through iot, ai and other core technologies and mature and stable intelligent drivers and software control systems integrate information flow, tailor-made high-quality upstream and downstream supply chain, strengthen enterprise logistics management level, release production capacity and improve competitiveness.

deeply cultivate the industry and devote to the refinement of garment logistics

since 2021, china's garment market has shown a good trend as a whole, the garment industry has entered a period of comprehensive strategic adjustment, and industrial upgrading has achieved initial results. due to the continuous evolution and extension of consumer demand, the further integration of online and offline diversified consumer channels, the business model of the garment industry began to change to "new retail". the popularity of e-commerce live broadcasting brought fluctuations in delivery flow, which made many garment logistics and distribution centers face problems such as order fragmentation, short product life cycle and high requirements for broken case picking, large quantities of quarterly sku, the overstock of returned and out of season goods is difficult to follow up and deal with, which has become a new stubborn disease of garment logistics.

the change of supply chain rules makes the traditional single solution unable to effectively deal with the current multiple business challenges. with the development and popularization of fully automated logistics system, garment supply chain continues to be optimized. customized scheme, scalable layout, modular design, personalized construction and efficient operation will be the future breakthrough direction of garment industry logistics supply chain. major clothing brands have cooperated with logistics technology and equipment enterprises to actively promote refined storage and distribution management, provide professional high-quality logistics services according to increasingly diversified and decentralized scenes, and enhance consumers' shopping experience.

as always, help garment enterprises achieve gain

arment logistics projects and profound system planning technology, damon technology has provided accurately matched differentiated intelligent logistics system solutions for many garment industry giants such as aimer, anta, cabbeen, peacebird, shenzhou knitting and samsonite according to different business needs, and has been widely recognized by customers. samsonite's warehousing and logistics center realizes the efficient sorting of goods to people through the deployment of intelligent fast storage system. at the same time, the system solves the problem of temporary storage of semi-finished products in shenzhou knitting production and manufacturing process. in the cabbeen and aimer project, the application of loop cross belt sorter and narrow-belt sorter makes the sorting efficiency of the whole system in an excellent state. the i-g5 conveying platform runs through the whole process of clothing distribution and is equipped with vertical conveyor to realize cross floor transportation and rapid turnover of goods.

in the future, damon technology will continue to empower the garment industry and contribute damon wisdom“ "seeking progress in change and moving forward together" means that damon will give advice to more garment enterprises, help them accumulate strength in the process of change, explore ways to break the situation in the industry, seek new development opportunities, and ensure the vitality of the garment supply chain with flexibility.

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