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sep 08,2021

hand in hand with sap, damon technology's digital transformation has entered the fast traffic lane

on september 6th, 2021, the launching ceremony of damon technology digital transformation and sap project cooperation was successfully held at sap china research institute. company representatives of damon technology, sap and its partner bos cloud gathered together to jointly start the overall digital transformation of damon technology. before the event, damon technology and his party were also invited to visit the sap china research institute digital experience center. through the theme exhibition areas such as "new generation digital core", "digital chemical plant", "digital board meeting hall" and "employee spontaneous innovation project", combined with the actual business scenarios and under the interpretation of sap expert team, let damon have an in-depth understanding of how sap enables smart enterprises along technology and innovative products.

with the large-scale application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and internet of things, digital economy is gradually becoming a new driving force for global economic development. china's economy has entered a new digital stage, which has created great opportunities for enterprises to greatly improve efficiency and realize disruptive innovation and differentiated development. based on this, damon technology has proposed three strategic directions of scale, digitalization and globalization. it aims to become a world-famous intelligent logistics system and core equipment supplier with the goal of "global enterprise of internet plus internet of things". comprehensive digital transformation is one of the key links and one of the core competitiveness of damon in the next decade.

in the process of transformation, damon technology needs a very strong management digital infrastructure to support the diversified business and cross entity and cross country / regional operation mode of the whole company in the future. after in-depth communication in the early stage, sap and damon hit it off immediately, especially the leading role of sap in the digital transformation of growing enterprise customers has been fully recognized by damon. as the world's leading supplier of enterprise management software and collaborative business solutions, sap continues to help chinese enterprises reap huge benefits with many mature industry solution achievements and rapid iteration of digital r&d products.

through this cooperation, the two sides will rely on technology and market, make use of their advantages in products, technology, services and market, carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing and digital operation, drive the improvement of business efficiency of damon, promote the integration of intelligent logistics industry chain, jointly build the internet of things ecosystem and reconstruct the market competition mode, further enhance the global influence of damon technology.

zhuo xu, chairman of damon technology, said: "damon technology needs to establish a more efficient intelligent digital platform to serve customers and partners around the world. we will use sap's advanced industry experience and excellent business practice ability to help damon technology become the benchmark of digital enterprises in the intelligent logistics equipment industry through the accurate implementation of bos cloud. at such an important historical node, damon and sap will cooperate and advance the bank's digital transformation is to lay a solid foundation for the company's development in the next decade. i believe that with the strong support of sap and bos cloud team and through our joint efforts, damon will be able to quickly complete the digital transformation and create greater value for the logistics equipment industry. "

this time, damon has established project cooperation with sap, which indicates that damon will continue to practice the digital strategic goal, continue to provide smart logistics and smart factory solutions for chinese and even global customers, promote the upgrading of intelligent logistics equipment industry, and will have a far-reaching impact on the development of china's intelligent  logistics industry in the future.

about sap

sap is a world-renowned enterprise application software supplier with more than 48 years of software practice and innovation experience. it started in germany in 1972 and entered china in 1995. it has 440000 customers in 180 countries and 92% of its customers are among the top 2000 forbes global enterprises. at present, sap has more than 15000 chinese customers, of which 80% are small and medium-sized enterprises. sap has a comprehensive cloud product portfolio and more than 100 solutions and business suites for all business lines. it is committed to helping enterprises of all sizes transform digitally and help them grow continuously.

about bos cloud 

bos cloud is headquartered in shanghai. its r&d center is set up in nanjing and has branches in beijing, shenzhen, wuhan and xi'an. bos cloud has a professional team composed of 150 professional consultants, implementation consultants and developers. bos cloud is the gold partner of sap and the only local partner in china who won the sap pinnacle award in 2019; 2020 finalist local implementers of the best s/4hana cloud partner, the sap industrial and commercial year’s best cloud partner and the sap industrial and commercial enterprises year’s final finalists of the best s/4hana cloud partner ; won the sap s/4hana cloud excellent partner award in 2021.

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