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oct 08,2021

be concerned about the affairs before customers! praise the damon people who don't return home on national day!

with the countdown to work on the first working day after the national day holiday

friends already at work

are you all pulsating back?

facing the sequelae of the national day holiday

please stop sighing~

there is such a group of people

even in the national day

they did not have a rest


during the national day golden week, when thousands of families are enjoying the holiday, a large number of logistics equipment industry engineers give up the opportunity to rest due to the special nature of their work and still stick to the front-line posts on the project site. with wisdom and sweat, they make every effort to ensure that the installation and commissioning tasks are completed with high quality on schedule, contribute to the normal operation of customer logistics system, and become a beautiful scenery in the festival. today, let's walk into such a group of lovely people, focus on their busy figure through the lens, highlight and encourage their steadfast and hardworking professionalism, and feel their different national day holiday.all the way across the country, there’s always a home

about three-quarters of the time (9-10 months) of the project site engineers follow the project all over the world. due to the tight time and heavy task of the installation and commissioning of large overseas transportation and sorting system, lu xiaoxiang and zhang longlong are working together with front-line workers on the site to speed up the delivery progress of the whole project. although it is the national day, the project site is still busy as always, and all work is advancing in an orderly manner.

"love whatever job one takes up. although you have worked hard on the site of damon overseas project in recent years, you almost never sleep during the busiest time to control the quality and safety of the project, you also have a great sense of achievement. since you have chosen this job, you should do it well. this time, although it is only two weeks from the launch, in order to meet the needs of customers, 10000 pieces will be launched every day from october 4th according to the requirements, our whole team has worked overtime since entering the site for construction. everyone has summoned up their energy. with a serious and responsible attitude and the determination of "never give up until the goal is reached", we work with the workers to complete the on-site commissioning task as soon as possible. "

——lu xiaoxiang


"when i went to work in a foreign country, i encountered many warm moments: for example, during this business trip, a colleague in the installation guidance department had an unexpected disease and the situation was very critical, so we must treat him immediately. for the safety of our colleague's life, we ignored the risk of infection and fought against time. we went to many hospitals in jakarta for inquiry. finally, with the help of the customer, the colleague had gone through after two months of treatment. at present, we are actively trying to find a way to arrange him to return home. we are very grateful for the full cooperation of local partners and foreign friends in indonesia. "

——zhang longlong

the national day is not closing, fight on the front line

electrical engineers yin quan, wang chenhao and zhang haojie have just finished three-months on-site electronic control support in south korea. as soon as they return home, they have been involved in the remote commissioning of indian projects. they have overcome the problems of poor remote debugging network and inconvenient communication between chinese and indian engineers. at present, the system has entered the trial operation stage. in order to meet the needs of customers to use equipment during the local double eleven sales festival, they have to continue to work overtime during the national day holiday and work in three shifts 24 hours, just to give better support to overseas projects.

"during this year's national day, i will continue to give the cloud support for the remote debugging work of project. i work normally only to respond to the needs of customers in time and quickly solve the unexpected problems on the site. it's also meaningful to have a big meal after work and get together with my colleagues to celebrate the national day. although i don't have a holiday and can't spend the holidays with my family, but i'm proud to be able to contribute to damon's system, and it's worth it to be away for the holidays.”

——wang chenhao

殷泉 王晨浩.jpg

"due to the implementation of project, the vast majority of logistics electrical engineers like me can't take a good holiday on the national day almost every year. they often accompany the project outside for many years. in my heart, the family are used to it. if i were at home, they wouldn't adapt. but they would still feel sorry if they didn't go home to celebrate the birthday of the motherland with them. because i missed too much time to get along with them on a long business trip, i want to say to them: i will pay attention to epidemic prevention safety when working outside, strive to complete the project as soon as possible, and then i can go home to reunite with you. i can't take you to travel. i will make up when i come back! i really miss you ~ "

—— yin quan


"to the partners who started work after the national day holiday: roll up your sleeves and work hard! stick to it for another four months to celebrate the new year ~ in fact, the desire of our logistics workers is really very simple, that is, we hope that the project can be successfully completed delivery,with smooth acceptance online. when customers successfully use our damon system, their faces are filled with a satisfied smile, which is the best recognition of our work. looking forward to better and better work in the future, promotion and salary are just around the corners. "

——zhang haojie

during the national day holiday, hundreds of damon engineers did not stop fighting because of the holiday at major project sites at home and abroad. behind the successful implementation of each project, they are inseparable from your hard work. with your consistent persistence, responsibility and responsibility, you build a stable and efficient damon intelligent logistics system, so that all projects can be delivered on time and with quality, help customers' logistics centers upgrade quickly and bring convenience to more end consumers.

the above is just the epitome of many logistics workers. damon technology pays tribute to all logistics engineers working on the front line of the project! because of your ten-years as one day persistence and constant silent dedication, the logistics equipment industry will be better and better!

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