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oct 15,2021

adhering to the original intention of quality and undertaking the quality mission | damon technology quality month was officially launched

with the gradual integration of chinese enterprises into the global market, quality has become the core concept of the development of more and more enterprises. product quality is not only the basis for the development and growth of enterprises, but also an important guarantee for the core competitiveness of enterprises. this year is the 16th quality year of damon technology since its establishment. on the afternoon of september 29th , the 16th  quality month kick-off meeting of damon technology with the theme of "undertaking" was successfully held in huzhou manufacturing base, shanghai headquarters and songjiang ligu factory. zhuo xu, chairman of damon technology, yu tianwen, chief operating officer, wu zhonghua, general manager of transportation and sorting division, and management personnel and employee representatives at the level of supervisor, team leader or above in huzhou base, shanghai headquarters, ligu factory and dasun intelligence were invited to attend this kick-off meeting.

the kick-off meeting mainly publicized and deployed the specific matters of damon technology quality month, and proposed to each bu to collect and select excellent quality pacesetters, excellent quality control teams and quality improvement golden ideas. at the meeting, the heads of bu major departments of division reported on the monthly quality activity plan of their respective sectors, including a series of quality thematic curing activities, product assembly quality improvement and other rich and diverse activities.

president zhuo stressed at the meeting that damon technology quality month has always been the key work of the company's operation and management. each damon person should stand at such an important node and reflect on their daily quality work, which is also a sense of ceremony. quality month pays more attention to the determination of each damon employee to improve quality, pays more attention to individual behavior change and growth, and improves their own technology and value. by organizing quality achievement competition and experience sharing meetings among bu departments, we should grasp the quality model, record the innovation demonstration with significant effect of quality rectification into a piece, become the quality treasure house of damon, provide learning and reference for all employees, constantly strengthen the strong awareness of quality first of each employee, guide employees to "learn from the model, be a benchmark and exceed the benchmark", and inherit the quality gene, the spirit of craftsman, advanced experience and successful practices.

at the meeting, president wu put forward the new concept of "everyone does good quality every day, every month and every year". quality is the vitality of damon's development and the cornerstone of damon's industry. all damon people should keep quality commitment in mind, maintain enthusiasm for quality with a high sense of responsibility and mission, turn quality into a habit, a persistence and a belief, and finally internalize it into a strong corporate culture of damon. quality is everywhere and runs through the whole process of the company's business. every link in production and operation is related to quality. quality is the concept of lean improvement. we should pursue qualified quality that can meet the basic requirements. each person can make a little progress every day and achieve phased victory through continuous accumulation.

at the end of the kick-off meeting, the representatives of the participants took a quality oath. it is believed that all employees of damon will never forget their original intention, adhere to customer first, do a good job in quality with practical actions, hold the bottom line of quality, work diligently, overcome difficulties, have the courage to take responsibility, and strive for the improvement of damon's quality.

this year's quality month activities covered the whole company and directly hit the quality pain point. damon technology quality management center will closely focus on the quality main line of "performing duties with due diligence, daily improvement, full responsibility and example strength" and the enterprise mission of "damon creates value for the customer's logistics system", cooperate with all departments of the transportation and sorting division to carry out distinctive quality month activities from point to area, face up to the existing quality problems and actively explore solutions.

in addition to the main activities of the division, all r&d factories, production and manufacturing bases, engineering technology, project management, system planning integration and other activity departments will also make full use of this platform to widely mobilize, concentrate, adhere to problem orientation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to participate in quality improvement and give full play to the wisdom of all employees according to the key difficulties in quality work, refine the quality work, practically ensure that the quality requirements and indicators are implemented to each employee, and help promote the company to improve quality, reduce cost and solidify the effects.

the successful holding of the kick-off meeting marks the official opening of damon technology's quality month in 2021. taking the quality month as an opportunity to deeply implement the company's quality concept to the front line, not only make employees have a clearer understanding of "quality responsibility", cultivate the excellent style of paying attention to quality, but also clarify the improvement direction of quality management of each department, and establish the quality goal of "do not manufacture unqualified products, do not circulate unqualified products and do not accept unqualified products" within the company. the good atmosphere of "enterprises attach importance to quality, all employees advocate quality and everyone pursues quality" has become a common practice in the whole company, laying a solid foundation for promoting the construction of a strong quality enterprise.

it will take a heavy burden and embark on a long road to improve quality, and the pursuit of quality is endless. as a benchmark enterprise in the logistics equipment industry, damon technology should further build a quality fortress, put quality first, play an exemplary and leading role in the quality of product manufacturing and engineering design, and carry out the quality to the end through the joint efforts of all employees. by continuously improving the quality management level, vigorously promoting the construction of enterprise quality culture, highlighting the core competitiveness of damon, establishing a good corporate image, casting the brand with quality and winning reputation with the brand, so as to make customers more assured and confident in the quality of damon! only by grasping the high-quality rudder can damon ride the wind and waves in the tide of the market and realize the high-quality development of the enterprise!

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