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oct 29,2021

double prize blessing! damon technology show the hard power of intelligent logistics brand again

on october 28th, the 2021 logistics brand award ceremony hosted by china logistics brand network, china logistics equipment procurement manager alliance and chn internet of things research center was held at the same time as the annual asia regional logistics equipment industry professional exhibition ——2021(cemat asia). with years of dedicated exploration and precipitation in the intelligent logistics equipment industry, damon technology was successfully shortlisted as "china's well-known logistics brand in 2021 (transportation and sorting)".

meanwhile, in the 2021 china (international) intelligent logistics innovation and development summit award ceremony hosted by chn internet of things research center, logistics product network and logistics brand network, the application case of damon technology's transportation and sorting system in shiyan new cooperative logistics distribution center won the "2021 logistic excellent case award".

be absorbed in the field of transportation and sorting for 20 years, build a powerful brand of intelligent logistics

being listed on the 2021 china's famous logistics brands list, represents the hard work and brand strength of damon technology in the field of logistics transportation and sorting, which is widely recognized and supported by the industry.


as a well-known brand of domestic intelligent logistics equipment, damon has always focused on the core competitiveness of technology innovation,has long been committed to the r&d and application of intelligent logistics technology and equipment, benefits customers in all walks of life with efficient intelligent logistics technology, solves the logistics storage problems of enterprises, and improves the operation efficiency of enterprises. damon has a complete intelligent logistics product line, covering the whole industrial chain of intelligent logistics equipment, from basic core parts, cost-effective transportation and sorter products, to flexible systems based on logistics robots, and then to logistics solutions of warehousing and distribution integration.


after 20 years of market efforts and technology accumulation, damon has formed a fast and perfect whole process service system. from solution planning, system integration, product selection and manufacturing, software design to after-sales support, damon has constantly polished its own strength and has experienced project implementation ability, and now has provided a large number of automated intelligent logistics solutions for domestic and foreign e-commerce, express delivery, super retail, shoes, clothing, intelligent manufacturing, medicine, cold chain, tobacco and other industries of the head customers, nearly 3000 top systems have been completed global delivery, and its business has been widely covered more than 30 countries and regions, sales and service centers are all over the world.


damon is committed to creating an innovative layout of "central factory regional assembly factory": at present, it radiates the world with two central factories in huzhou, zhejiang, china and songjiang, shanghai, and has regional assembly factories in australia, the united states, romania and other regions, including europe, australia and north america. under the large-scale manufacturing of unified batch, speed up the technical transformation of the factory, improve the process level, improve the quality and competitiveness of products, shorten the product delivery cycle, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.


this time, damon technology won two awards at one stroke, which not only reflects the recognition of damon 's overall strength by the logistics equipment industry authority, but also encourages damon to further improve its enterprise competitiveness and move forward to a higher level. in the future, damon will continue to help customers in all walks of life achieve great gains and strive for the excellent development of the logistics equipment industry with considerate high-quality service and excellent innovative technology.

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