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nov 11,2021

hit the double eleven | in order to protect customers, damon technology's intimate accompanying production service has been in place!

at 0 a.m. on november 1st, the double eleven in 2021 officially kicked off. many netizens went to sleep after paying the balance overnight. when they woke up, unexpectedly, the express had arrived. without much-anticipated waiting after placing orders, such a lightning logistics speed really surprised netizens, so that they began to wonder: do the express "ambush"  in advance?

this year, tmall and jingdong opened the pre-sale in october 20th, which means that merchants can adjust the distribution of stock in advance according to order situation, distribute the goods in advance to the nearest outlets, and effectively reduce transportation pressure during the outbreak period. the efficient end distribution team is combined with intelligent supply chain and multi-level inventory advance to improve the on-time performance rate and enable consumers to obtain a minute-level receiving experience.


the overall cycle of this year's double eleven peak has been extended. the two peaks on the 1st and 11th have brought a great test to various logistics links such as express delivery, transfer, storage and transportation. facing the e-commerce peak season at the end of the year, logistics people are no longer facing great enemies as before. in order to effectively deal with the massive orders of double 11, major express enterprises have already made full preparations. its front-line outlets have been fully upgraded, and automatic intelligent logistics equipment has been added to improve distribution efficiency, which also provides a strong guarantee for high-quality logistics services in business peak periods.

the battle is at hand, masters are gathering

unconsciously, the double eleven has passed 13 years. behind this national shopping carnival, it is not only the annual event of the e-commerce express industry, but also the battle of worlds that can not be underestimated in the logistics equipment industry. as of 10:00, the number of packages in the whole network on the day of double eleven had reached 828 million. there is no doubt that in order to win the victory of key battles in a year, logistics equipment enterprises show their magic powers. as an eminent and well-known enterprise, damon technology shall take the lead. when the double eleven comes, it gathers experts from all over the world and is ready to go. as the saying goes, food and grass go first before soldiers and horses move. damon's logistics engineers are stationed at the project site in the north and south of the river, deployed in advance, overhauled and debugged day and night, and are always ready to fight hard to ensure the normal operation and stable use of customer logistics equipment during the promotion period, so as to contribute their youth strength to the china speed of logistic.


during the double eleven this year, damon technology carefully provided 7*24h all-weather high-quality escort services for large logistics distribution centers of well-known express and e-commerce enterprises such as jingdong, shunfeng, tmall, vipshop, xiyin and shopify, and wholeheartedly escorted customers at the peak of business! the battle is imminent. let's catch up with the camera, see the double eleven logistics scene, and feel the speed and passion of damon intelligent logistics system!

facing double eleven promotion, the magic weapon of damon was revealed

for this year's double eleven, damon 's service team began to coordinate the on-site service during the promotion period as early as two months ago, finalized the relevant value-added service contents and plans of some insured projects after the national day, planned the service cycle of all projects, implemented the personnel capabilities and service nodes required by each project, and timely updated the new needs of customers, allocate resources reasonably and strive to serve every customer well.mmexport1636455654454.jpg

in order to meet the needs of different levels of customers for different projects in business peak period, first confirm the number of resident personnel with customers, make an appointment with customers for resident service time (some need two shifts), arrange appropriate resources, verify and confirm the arrival time and matters needing attention twice before entering the plant, and arrive at the project site one day in advance to communicate with customers, understand the crux of customer logistics system, and provide project accompanying services on time according to the needs.

img_0323.heic.jpg.jpgin addition, damon also provides customers with a series of service solutions such as remote technical support and guidance, on-site emergency repair, maintenance&inspection, spare parts, line body relocation and transformation, so as to help customers solve logistics equipment problems and system faults on the project site.

img_7378.heic.jpgremote technical support and guidance

damon's 7*24h*365d remote technical support and guidance service can respond quickly, solve difficult problems that may occur on site at any time, provide remote guidance and help through real-time monitoring and troubleshooting, greatly reduce the cycle of customer equipment failure, restore system operation in a short time, and efficiently empower the customer's logistics distribution center.


on-site emergency maintenance

emergency maintenance takes the area as the radiation, covers the whole project process, follows the principle of proximity, shortens the waiting cycle for resource allocation, and provides customers with timely on-site services with exquisite technology.

maintenance & inspection

maintenance and inspection services provide a comprehensive assessment of the equipment status on the project site, and take preventive measures for key parts of the equipment, so as to reduce the equipment failure rate, prolong the normal service life of the equipment and make the whole system run smoothly and orderly.

img_6175.heic.jpgspare parts
damon's spare parts warehouse can quickly deal with sudden abnormalities on the project site, shorten fault waiting time and ensure the timely replacement of spare parts in case of fault.5zpqk7vijhjbshuocvwqi7gnn_0.jpg

damon technology's service team has always adhered to customer demand orientation and ensured that customers can achieve great gains during the promotion of double eleven. damon's professional technical support and considerate customization services are always with customers! in the future, with the continuous increase of project ownership, engineering and technical services will become one of the important development directions of the company. damon will continue to integrate resources, expand the coverage of service outlets and the scale of service team, and help improve the service efficiency and service level of customer logistics; continue to strengthen the comprehensive quality training of service personnel, create greater value for customers' logistics system, and constantly develop more digital services to adapt to the new era of intelligent logistics.


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