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nov 19,2021

turn a decade into gold, forward and beyond| celebrate damon australia 10th anniversary


in november 2021, damon australia successfully held the 10th anniversary celebration with  theme of "forward and beyond" in melbourne factory. mr. zhuo xu, chairman of damon technology, ms. lisa, director of damon australia and mr. rick, general manager of damon  australia attended the ceremony and witnessed the grand occasion with all employees of damon  australia.


mr. rick made an opening speech to warmly celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of damon australia, from which can not only experience the ups and downs experienced at the beginning of the establishment of damon australia, but also feel the sincere intention of his business. at the ceremony, mr. rick presented the "outstanding dedication and service" medal to two old employees, mr. john, the sales manager and mr. theo, the workshop manager.

look back, with winds and rains


ten years ago, in order to expand the damon's overseas logistics equipment business, damon took the lead in focusing on the global layout, registered and established damon australia in december 2010, and deployed local assembly plants and technology centers in australia. in february of the following year, in order to meet the needs of business development, the melbourne plant of damon australia was officially put into operation. damon technology is one of the logistics equipment enterprises that set foot in the overseas market in china in the early stage, and damon australia is the first manufacturing plant opened by damon technology outside china. the establishment of damon australian is damon's first foothold after opening the door to the world. with continuous upgrading and iteration, today's melbourne factory has been built into a world-class modern and efficient manufacturing base.

ten years of hard work, innumerable great achievements


damon australian’s business is divided into three segments: roller, conveyor and conveying system solutions facing end customer. over the past decade, damon australia has grown comprehensively and steadily, and has made many good achievements. the number of signed orders has exceeded a a$10 million, creating a steady stream of revenue for the group. relying on the independent manufacturing capacity and engineering project experience accumulated in the development of mature markets in australia, and has established a huge customer resource network for damon's conveyor and its core roller parts. damon australia has these customer groups to prepare endorsement for it, which makes more customers not hesitate to regard damon australia as a qualified and experienced supplier of intelligent conveying and sorting solutions.


with the increasing popularity of damon brand in the industry, damon australia's system integration business is also growing rapidly. at present, it has provided intelligent material logistic system solutions for fuchs, ford, catch, officeworks, electrolux, the iconic, dhl, ryco, ikea, volvo and other australian local brands. at the same time, damon australia provides multinational robot companies and local system integrators with high-quality and fast delivery conveyor products at competitive prices for large-scale projects of industry leaders such as target, australia post, fastrack express, toll, yukult and tnt.

ride the wind and waves, the race sets off again


on the 10th anniversary of damon australia, it is grateful for the long-term trust and understanding of every customer and partner. standing on the new starting line, damon australia received more than us $10 million orders and a single large order worth about us $2.7 million for the first time, which is a satisfactory answer for damon australia in the new decade.


step on a new starting point and look forward to the new decade. damon australia will continue to adhere to the spirit of creating a win-win situation, work together with partners, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of logistics centers around the world, help customers achieve huge revenue and business growth, create greater value for their logistics system, and will continue to contribute to damon's globalization, strive for another good performance and achieve a new leap in the next decade.

look into the future, forward and beyond


looking back on the past decade, damon has never stopped accelerating the layout of globalization. thanks to this, the international business of damon technology has developed rapidly, forming a perfect overseas sales network and a strong overseas project team, providing international customers with high-quality whole process services from sales, scheme planning, equipment manufacturing, assembly, project implementation and delivery, and making full use of the advantages of chinese manufacturing r&d capacity and large-scale production, radiate overseas assembly plants to provide strong guarantee for the rapid delivery of key logistics equipment.


damon adheres to the globalization strategy, and damon's overseas business income will increase steadily. in the future, damon will continue to vigorously develop overseas regional markets and continuously expand the boundaries of global business. while building a localized service system, promote the local production and assembly of conveying and sorting products. look forward to another brilliant decade of vigorous development of damon technology.

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