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nov 26,2021

be duty-bound!heroes behind the scenes of damon helped customers successfully pass the double eleven exam

the much anticipated "double eleven" in 2021 has come to an end. looking back on november 1st -11th , the monitoring data of state post bureau of the people’s republic of china showed that the national postal and express enterprises handled 4.776 billion express pieces, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%. among them, 696 million express mails were processed on the day of double eleven, rising steadily and reaching a new record.头图.jpg

as a scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the whole industrial chain of domestic intelligent logistics equipment, damon people and damon equipment fight side by side with customers and face the logistics test of double eleven. damon's after-sales department has formulated the double eleven service plan in advance, including projects requiring personnel to stay in the factory to accompany production. the dedicated damon people and stable, reliable damon automation equipment ensure that the logistics centers of major e-commerce, express, clothing and other customers can safely tide over the peak period of big promotion. the affirmation of end consumers is a full reward for the hard work of many logistics equipment enterprises.

damon product: the mainstay walking through the warehouse, the best partner to win double eleven

the reason why damon technology can become a high-quality partner of leading enterprises in major industries is not only because of the intimate peak accompanying production service, but also the high-quality and cost-effective products. with more than ten years of logistics technology precipitation in the e-commerce express industry, damon has independently developed a full range of transportation and sorting product lines, including cross-belt sorter, i-g5 modular intelligent transportation platform, express belt conveyor, curve belt conveyor, flex belt conveyor, balance wheel sorter and the singulator system, designed to create an excellent and efficient new intelligent logistics system for the leading enterprises in e-commerce express industry.

damon is committed to empowering the e-commerce express industry with intelligent logistics equipment and intelligent logistics technology, running through all links of business process, providing customers with complete industry solutions, supporting the multi-scenario planning of e-commerce express center, and meeting the project needs of different levels. damon has rich experience in project planning and implementation in the e-commerce express industry at home and abroad. at present, some excellent projects have been delivered globally and have been widely recognized by many world-famous benchmarking enterprises.

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damon people: far apart of standing fast of day and night during double eleven, just ready to provide efficient service at any moment

they are the right-hand men of damon. they respond to every request, devote themselves to the front line of project, have the same goal, cooperate with tacit understanding, and give strong responses to customers again and again. in a few words, they can't finish their silent dedication, and a few can't finish their selfless dedication. they have different division of labor in their respective posts, but they are like gears that just match. with the tenacious spirit of hard work and hard work, they practice damon's commitment to every customer. here, i would like to pay tribute to all logistics engineers who worked overtime at major project sites during the promotion of double eleven! thank you for all you have done for damon and its customers!

representative of after-sales engineer

during the double eleven this year, after-sales engineers dou junhua, li sheng and he longlong of the service department participated in the peak accompanying production of guangzhou jingdong east asia project, wuhan jingdong project and suzhou aimu project respectively. among them, he gong and li gong have participated in tmall, jingdong, suning, vipshop, shunfeng and other major domestic large e-commerce express enterprises are engaged in the double eleven accompanying production work.


this year, in order to achieve no mistakes in damon equipment, no major faults affecting the normal operation of system, and accompany customers to successfully complete the big promotion goal, they stayed on site in advance with this common small goal. during the accompanying production of project, they inspected the core equipment, handled the emergency faults of the system, timely helped customers solve the problems on site, successfully ensured the stable use of damon transportation and sorting equipment during the promotion period, ensured the timeliness of package delivery, and successfully completed the accompanying production task, which not only demonstrated the professional strength of the after-sales team in dealing with problems efficiently. it has also established a responsible image of damon dedicated to customer service in customers' hearts.


"double eleven shopping festival" is an important promotion activity in the year. the explosive order volume represents the vigorous development of e-commerce express industry. as a member of damon, we are honored to participate in it. through our own efforts, we can keep the customer's intelligent logistics system from failure and escort the customer's logistics warehouse and distribution center together with the company's cost-effective products. looking at the current situation of the project the massive parcels in the field are accurately transported to each destination grid through damon's transportation and sorting line, and then packaged and distributed to consumers. a sense of achievement arises spontaneously. "

representative of electrical engineer

in addition to the high-quality service provided by the dedicated after-sales engineers, there are also conscientious electrical engineers on the project site who carry out commissioning day and night and provide technical support. kang qinbo, an electrical engineer, participated in the peak accompanying production of qingdao, vipshop project and jingmen li ning project this year. in order to meet the needs of customers during the promotion period, he worked with his small partners to maintain the health of the equipment, ensure that the system is free from problems and enable customers to use it smoothly.


with more and more types of projects he participates in, he has more and more experience. sometimes he encounters some thorny electrical faults on site, he can find the problems at the first time, quickly find out the crux, and put forward effective solutions, and then acts appropriately to the situation step by step. at the moment of restoring the whole system, the customer's positive eyes made him proud, the customer's affirmative eyes made him feel proud.


"this is the first time that i participated in the peak time accompanying production of damon. i visited two project sites and felt the busy scene of equipment non-stop during double eleven big promotion in e-commerce logistics warehouse distribution center for the first time. therefore, we need to always deal with electrical related problems on the site at any time. what moved me was that the customer specially set aside an office area for us in the warehouse full of goods. thank you very much for your full understanding and strong support, which has accelerated our debugging speed and improved the service efficiency. "

for a long time, damon technology has always adhered to customer demand as the center and customer service as the mission, constantly transforming and breaking through and maintaining innovation vitality. damon improves the overall efficiency of system through technology update and equipment upgrade, improves product quality and service level, condenses highly skilled talents into a professional and cooperative team, creates competitiveness for customers' logistics system, and realizes the logistics speed satisfactory to customers and helps customers achieve gain, whether on the special double eleven or every day.

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