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dec 07,2021

intellectualized system of cold chain logistics, cryogenic testing lab officially launched.

in recent years, cold chain logistics had a vigorous development momentum affected by the continuous improvement of chinese people's living standards, and the government's strategy, especially for the e-commerce (fresh food) and pharmaceutical industries have repeated rapid growth. the explosion of e-commerce (fresh food) has a positive influence on the vigorous development of the logistics cold storage, and the construction of cold storage in the market will meet at the peak of the market. therefore, while the demand for cold storage logistics equipment is becoming more and more vigorous, the quality requirements for products are also continuously improving. with further upgrading and transformation, cold chain logistics will present an unmanned trend in the future. automatic conveying and sorting equipment in the cold storage can represent the manual operation which can improve the final efficiency of work. as a result, the combination of cold storage and automated conveying and sorting systems will be the core demand trend of the futures market.

for the intelligent logistics equipment running in the cold storage, it will face many new technical challenges. first of all, the temperature difference between the various areas in the cold storage is easy to generate frost, fog, moisture, slippery or other situation, which will have a direct impact on the working efficiency and accuracy of the mechanical parts and electrical components of the equipment. secondly, the direct impact of low-temperature environment on components and equipment parts, such as cold deformation or cracking, increased resistance, and functional fading. in extremely cold and freezing environments, we should ensure high-speed and stable operation of intelligent logistics equipment and systems. so we need to conduct precise tests on the low-temperature adaptability of related logistics equipment.


as some intelligent logistics equipment cannot operate normally under the special low-temperature environment requirements, damon technology has also faced a situation where it is difficult to meet the conditions for self-developed products to test. in 2021, damon technology has built a brand-new cryogenic testing lab in order to meet market demand. recently, the cryogenic testing lab established by damon technology held an unveiling ceremony and will be operated formally.


cryogenic testing lab covers an area of 168 square meters, and it was divided into two major sections, the cold storage area and the buffer dual area which are both composed of a refrigeration system and an electric control system. among them, the temperature in the cold storage area can be as low as -30°c, and the humidity is 45%~75%; the temperature of the buffer dual area is 5°c~ -5°c, the humidity can reach more than 90%. we also set the humidification exhaust pipe inside, and the humidification mode can be turned on at any time.


as a self-built small-scale cold storage, cryogenic testing lab mainly covers the testing functions of various conveyors (such as transfer mechanism), shuttles, agvs, and other equipment for the operation of electronic components. at the same time, at the same time, it also undertakes a series of stability and safety inspections of standard equipment, such as low-temperature power consumption testing of pallet conveyors, and changes in dimensions and materials of parts (plastic parts) at low temperatures.


the technicians can set and change the temperature and humidity of the cold storage environment according to the test requirements of the product. they can use control variables in a combination low-temperature environment for inspection. technicians can collect and verify data on the equipment under different low-temperature conditions, and they can obtain the most accurate test results. in addition, the test center is also equipped with special lighting systems for cold storage, network monitoring, display equipment, power supplies for test equipment, and forklift charging devices, etc. the test data is combined with the information management system, and all the test data on-site can be monitored remotely all the time that the product quality can be controlled uninterrupted in the whole process.

as a company with innovation at its core of chinese intelligent logistics equipment, damon technology has a strong r&d strength after more than 20 years of experience in intelligent logistics technology. the core components and complete equipment of damon have undergone strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, and they are high-quality products with strong competitiveness in the market. the start of the cryogenic test lab gave damon technology a brand new mission. this laboratory marks that damon has established a more professional platform for all special logistics equipment for cold storage so that technicians can improve product quality through testing. at the same time, it not only expands product application range but also provides strong support for product r&d improvement. cryogenic testing lab also provides a reliable guarantee for the improvement of product quality, which greatly improves the overall product testing capabilities of damon.


in the future, damon will continue to comply with market demand while insisting on making products that customers can trust. in addition, damon will always obey the principle of sharing resources for all the clients. damon will provide low-temperature testing services for logistics equipment companies that need to improve the cold and frost resistance of their products, but do not have the testing conditions. damon will provide a guarantee for the product quality of the entire industry, and we will provide more stable and efficient smart logistics system solutions and logistics systems. damon's mission is to make more efforts and contributions to the high-quality development of the chinese intelligent logistics equipment industry.

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