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dec 17,2021

promote the high-quality development of chinese manufacture, deliver the value of innovative and intelligent manufacture

12月16日,由mm《现代制造》全媒体主办的mm 2021年第五届企业家国际论坛暨现代制造·创新驱动25周年颁奖典礼在上海成功召开。本次论坛聚焦“新格局·高质量·可持续”,围绕中国制造如何走向数字化和智能化、如何做强做优供应链与产业链体系等话题展开讨论,瞄准市场新需求,寻求智能制造落地利来app官方下载的解决方案合作,共话企业持续发展之道,发现新格局下中国制造业的成长机会与活力所在。

on december 16th , mm 2021 the 5th entrepreneur international forum and modern manufacture · innovation drive the 25th anniversary award ceremony, hosted by mm modern manufacture all media, was successfully held in shanghai. this forum focuses on "new pattern·high quality·sustainability", focuses on the topics such as how to make chinese manufacturing digital and intelligent, how to strengthen and optimize the supply chain and industrial chain system, aims at the new market demand, seeks the implementation solution cooperation of intelligent manufacturing, discusses the way of sustainable development of enterprises, and finds the growth opportunities and vitality of chinese manufacturing industry under the new pattern.

德马科技集团董事长卓序先生受邀出席本次大会,并被mm《现代制造》授予“创新驱动·强盛中国制造业”杰出人物。作为本土的民营制造企业家,卓总在大会的总裁对话环节分享了自己对中国民营制造业成长和发展的体会。卓总谈到:借 mm《现代制造》进入中国25周年之际,回顾中国制造业波澜壮阔的繁荣发展历程颇具历史意义,同时随着中国经济进入高质量发展,站在“十四五”开局之年的关键节点上,展望2025年中国装备制造企业的未来前景更具有伟大的前瞻性。

mr. zhuo xu, chairman of damon technology group, was invited to attend the conference and was awarded the outstanding figure of "innovation drive · strong china’s manufacturing industry" by mm modern manufacture. as a local private manufacturing entrepreneur, president zhuo shared his experience on the growth and development of china's private manufacturing industry in the president dialogue session of the conference. president zhuo said: it is of historical significance to review the magnificent prosperity and development of china's manufacturing industry on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of mm modern manufacture entering china. at the same time, as china's economy enters high-quality development, it is more forward-looking to look forward to the future prospects of china's equipment manufacturing enterprises in 2025 at the key node of opening year of the 14th five-year plan.

new pattern, new opportunity

after 40 years of reform and opening up, china's rise has become an irresistible trend. even in today's complex international situation, it can still maintain rapid and steady development. on the contrary, the uncertainty of the epidemic has brought new opportunities to china's manufacturing industry. at the same time, digital transformation has further injected new impetus into the reform of china's manufacturing industry and provided a broad platform for chinese manufacturing enterprises. in the process of high-quality development, chinese manufacturing enterprises should make full use of the innovative power driven by digitization to grasp the high-quality industrial track of chinese manufacturing in the post epidemic era.

what is the high-quality development of chinese manufacture?

1)high quality of r&d


china's manufacturing industry starts from imitation and reverse design, but it is different in the future. to catch up with developed countries, we pay attention to scientific and technological innovation. to invest in the real sense, we need to pay great sweat and energy. technology research and development is like a marathon, which is a continuous work. as a national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, damon attaches great importance to independent innovation and continues to focus on the r&d and application of intelligent logistics technology. after long-term tackling and years of accumulation, damon has made a series of core technologies in the field of transportation, sorting and intelligent drive. damon devotes itself to studying the cutting-edge technology of the industry, adheres to creating high-quality products, and creates greater value for customers' intelligent manufacturing.

2)high quality of manufacture

in the tide of comprehensive digital transformation, chinese manufacturing enterprises are keen to build smart factories in the future, and the future factory does not mean no one. it is not just a simple matter of introducing a large number of intelligent equipment and advanced digital software. employees are an indispensable part of it. therefore, chinese manufacturing enterprises still need to settle down to practice hard work, encourage all employees to have the same goal, keep improving production and manufacturing, and let employees understand their important role in improving internal efficiency. only in this way can they create value for the enterprise. damon has always been committed to enhancing the application ability of employees to scientific tools and cultivating them into experienced and skilled technicians, so as to achieve win-win results between the growth of employees and high-quality development of enterprise in the production process.

3)high quality of service


for chinese manufacturing enterprises, the high quality of service will become more and more important in the future. damon technology has the competitive advantage of the integrated industrial chain from core software and hardware to system integration, and provides customers with complete solutions from core parts, key equipment, intelligent logistics system to engineering projects. in this process, damon attaches great importance to the high quality of one-stop whole process service. from high-quality products and systems to intimate services such as solution planning, project implementation, project delivery and after-sales operation and maintenance, damon strives to be perfect in every link, because damon knows that only high standard product quality and service level can last forever. in order to really let end customers rest assured and trust damon for long-term cooperation.

accumulate energy for manufacturing industry
facing the rigid demand of large-scale automatic logistics equipment operation and maintenance of domestic e-commerce express customers, a set of digital equipment predictive health management software system (phm) solution supported by information platform -- phegda came into being. on this basis, damon has developed many supporting facilities, such as sensors, data collectors, gateways and other hardware, provided dual terminal applications for it, realized equipment online, and solved the effectiveness of data acquisition. preventive maintenance based on equipment status can also bring technological innovation to the effective operation and maintenance of traditional equipment and help small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. at present, the intelligent operation and maintenance of the factory enables the traditional equipment manufacturing industry.

in addition, intelligent logistics is one of the core driving forces of innovative manufacturing, with broad development prospects. at the same time, it also gives birth to many investment opportunities in the industry, and unicorn enterprises are expected to be born in each segment. as a listed company in star market, damon has a certain amount of industrial funds and hopes to combine with vogel industry media and mm modern manufacture to find these science and technology start-ups with independent r&d strength of high-end, sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies in china's manufacturing industry, invest in and pay attention to their growth, help them specialize and maximize their enterprise value.

at the 25th anniversary award ceremony of mm modern manufacture, damon technology won the intelligent solution award of "innovation drive · strong china’s manufacturing industry " for the transportation system project carefully built by damon technology for asd intelligent manufacturing factory. damon actively uses emerging intelligent technologies such as 5g, industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence to achieve new breakthroughs in the supply chain of intelligent manufacturing industry and give new value to the production line of end customers.

in the future, damon will continue to accelerate the layout of globalization, make every effort to build a global manufacturing and sales service network, build a stable supply chain ecosystem of intelligent manufacturing industry, help the innovation and development of manufacturing industry and promote the intelligent upgrading of chinese manufacture.

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