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jan 07,2022

with winds and storms, win hand in hand | a sf transfer awarded damon technology the best cooperative supplier

recently, a transfer center of sf express, the world's fourth largest express company, awarded damon technology the title of the best cooperative supplier, to thank and commend damon for its outstanding contribution in sf express, fully affirming damon's product technical strength and project service capability in the field of express.合照-改.jpg

the person in charge of the transfer center gave high praise: “although there are many difficulties from project preparation to on-time delivery and final smooth acceptance, it is commendable that damon has devoted itself to this process and dedicated to the consideration of customers! damon is also the first equipment supplier of sf express to pass the final inspection.”

with more than ten years of product technology precipitation and project implementation experience in the express industry, damon has tailored a stable and efficient new express series products for industry leading customers, such as express belt conveyor, curve belt conveyor, flex belt conveyor, balance wheel sorter and singulator system, etc. for each project, damon carries out in-depth research according to customer needs, constantly refines and plans technical solutions, from production and manufacturing of equipment after winning the bid to the on-site installation of the project, to the system commissioning and operation, and finally to the successful acceptance and delivery of the project into the after-sales quality assurance. damon strives for perfection in each detail.


damon has provided the project with a total length of nearly 3500 meters of express belt conveyor line, 3000 square meters of steel structure platform and various chutes, and integrated curve belt conveyor, balance wheel sorter, dws code scanning equipment, etc. in order to ensure the smooth delivery on the date required by the distribution center, damon field engineers and management personnel overcome the difficult conditions such as no lighting at the site at the initial stage of the project, debug various parameters and indexes of the equipment, optimize the system program, and worry about customers first. during the construction period, in view of various problems encountered on the site, damon quickly arranged effective resources and solved them in time. in the face of challenges such as the inability to draw lines on the ground and to install equipment in the unloading area, damon timely adjusted the construction mode and sequence. although the process was very bumpy, the project was finally accepted successfully.


sf's supply chain system spreads all over the world and always selects reliable partners with high standards. since 2014, damon has continuously supplied a full range of express delivery and sorting products for sf, which have been applied to many large domestic logistics transfer centers of sf. in recent years, the epidemic broke out continuously all over the world, and the global e-commerce express logistics service industry is struggling. as a firm follower of sf, damon insists on on-site service even in severe situations, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of sf logistics center and helping sf provide reliable logistics and transportation services to its customers.


in recent years, damon technology has always been customer-centric. with 25 years of experience in the intelligent logistics equipment industry and the technical advantages of transportation and sorting, through the professional quality control of intelligent logistics equipment and the unremitting pursuit of core key technology innovation, damon technology has continued to serve sf, jd, cainiao, yuantong, zhongtong, shentong and yunda and other domestic and foreign express logistics enterprises. damon provides all-round customized intelligent logistics solutions and services, bring value improvement to their logistics centers, and better provide strong guarantee for customers to achieve performance take-off.  

in the future, damon will pay more attention to the differentiated needs of market segments, devote itself to the r&d and application of intelligent logistics equipment, constantly innovate technology, strive to launch more competitive intelligent innovative products, comprehensively deepen cooperation with sf, and jointly build an intelligent logistics ecosystem, to continue to promote the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of e-commerce express logistics industry to contribute positive forces.

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