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jan 21,2022

building a new retail supply chain, accelerating cooperation in the supermarket logistic industry

damon technology's logistics solutions are synergistic in typical business scenarios. we choose to cooperate with the new cooperation supermarket, which can help the industry upgrade its logistics system more intelligently. damon has turned “personalization” into “standardization” in the supermarket logistic industry. thus, damon promoted the development of the supermarket retail industry to a large extent.

damon technology x ncs
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shiyan new cooperative supermarket co., ltd. (ncs) was established in may 2005, and ncs belongs to the all-china federation of supply and marketing cooperatives. the company is committed to building a market platform integrating offline and online between cities and villages which can promote the two-way circulation of agricultural products and daily consumer goods. ncs takes the supermarket chain as the main body and the logistics distribution as the auxiliary. ncs is a large-scale commercial chain enterprise combining brand agency, fresh food management, and e-commerce.

logistic in ncs


ncs logistics park is located in shiyan, hubei. the project planned a total investment of 450 million yuan, a total construction area of 102,400 square meters, and a planned total area of 76,000 square meters, including 7 warehouses, information center buildings, and r&d buildings each. among them, damon's total investment is 250 million yuan, with a construction area of 60,000 square meters. it mainly builds a central food material factory, a fresh cold chain warehouse, a daily consumer goods warehouse, an automatic sorting system and a product display and trading center building. no. 4-6 warehouse is the comprehensive warehouse and distribution center of ncs for daily consumer goods, which undertakes the role of supplying, warehousing, sorting, distribution, and settlement of goods from manufacturers and distributors on a unified platform for terminal sales channels.

new balanced between the “worker, goods and place”


in shiyan ncs logistics park, the volume of incoming goods is large and the supply is concentrated, which has launched a huge test for the working mode mainly based on forklift trucks and manual goods picking. the low level of automation, digitization, and informatization in receiving, storing, dismantling, picking, and outgoing warehouses leads to high personnel dependence, high work intensity, large data processing volume, high commodity sorting error rate, and poor delivery punctuality. in view of the complex warehouse operation and management process, high logistics cost, unreasonable walking path, and low operation efficiency, damon technology actively explores the countermeasures with ncs according to the situation of the project site.

damon's high quality and service

"the whole system planned by damon for our new cooperative logistics park is easy to operate. under the high-intensity operation, the equipment provided by damon can still maintain a good state of fast operation and can cope with daily large-scale orders. damon also promised after the equipment warranty period, they will still provide us with free technical support services. in addition, we are also impressed by the excellent service attitude of the damon team.”

——ncs logistics park’s manager

“ traditional ” to “ innovation ”


damon has planned an efficient automatic conveying and sorting system for no.4-6 warehouses, including i-g5 smart box conveyor, high-speed slider sorter, five-sided barcode scanning equipment, inkjet system, and dps zero removal. picking system, wcs system, and other core equipment. as the core subsystem of the new cooperative logistics warehouse and distribution center, the system has successfully realized the functions of dismantling and picking, fcl transportation, review and packaging, route sorting, fast delivery, and information processing. this system runs through the whole process of commodity logistics and warehousing.


considering the passage space of forklift personnel in the warehouse, damon made a reasonable layout for this. damon connected the four warehouses in the logistics park in the form of air corridors. at the same time, they have designed 4 receiving lines, which are received by dc across the warehouse with an automated conveyor line with a total length of 1.5 kilometers. damon's design achieves frequent splitting and merging without interference and obstruction, with a high degree of automation. the conveying capacity of a single line can reach 1500 pieces/hour, which increases the overall conveying efficiency of the system to 1.5 times that of the original order. it also improves the timeliness of the flow of goods.


the damon i-g5 modular intelligent conveying platform has the following advantages:

-completed the collaboration of multi-regional series and multi-business models

-shorten the manual walking distance and optimize the manual walking path

-the number of operators was reduced to 48, and the handling efficiency was greatly improved.

the dc mode has the following improvements:

-no need to take up a lot of work area

-after sorting, the goods are immediately distributed to the collection area of each store, eliminating the need for shelves, warehousing, and other procedures.

-significantly improve delivery efficiency, reduce logistics operating costsfast inventory turnover, it can quickly respond to upstream and downstream logistics needs


damon adopts the all-in-one batch confluence method dynamic control:

-taking several pieces as a group to share the mainline, the confluence effect is stable under the premise of controllable flow.

-the front-end is designed with belts and wheels with functions such as buffering, accumulating and releasing, edging, sawing, and releasing, which strengthens the batch confluence capability of the system and improves the accuracy and smoothness of confluence.

-the maximum combined flow can reach 7000 pieces/hour.


after each receiving line merges, the barcode will be read by the five-sided barcode scanning system:

-the new visual camera is used for all-around and accurate barcode recognition, and the information of the direct-to-product products is automatically collected and uploaded.

-realize data parameter binding to provide a basis for future third-party business charges

-the barcode scanning system is equipped with advanced sensors, and through supplementary light sources, optical imaging, and other technologies, it can achieve intensive package detection and tracking and improve the efficiency of outbound operations.


no.6 warehouse is equipped with damon's new-generation iot high-speed slider sorter:

-the actual running speed can reach 2.5 m/s, and the maximum sorting efficiency can reach 7,000 pieces/hour in the first stage

-goods can be sorted on both sides at the same time to meet the high-traffic business requirements of fast in and out of goods

-there are a total of 41 two-way sorting chute bays, and a coding system is provided to facilitate subsequent manual identification. the numbers 1/2/3 of the coding are corresponding to 3 doors of the same chute.

-456 stores are processed, and a maximum of 40,000 items can be processed per day.

-through the automatic sorting system, continuous sorting of large batches of goods reduces the sorting error rate and realizes unmanned sorting operations.


in addition, damon has also set up 24 manual picking workstations. damon uses 24 sets of one-to-many dps electronic labeling systems to display the picking quantity, which can process up to 200 order lines/person/hour per hour. on the one hand, this avoids the error rate. on the other hand, this can greatly improve the ability to pick up parts to support the b2c e-commerce business with an average of 3,000 orders per day.


through the good connection between core conveying and sorting equipment and information management systems such as wcs, wms, and oms, damon has built a complete cloud platform. the platform eliminates the gap between local data and online data, and all operational data can be transmitted to the cloud platform for backup through digital wireless gateways. at the same time, the platform completes data analysis based on multiple remote sensing and visualization models. ultimately, it can remotely monitor the running status of equipment in real-time and realize intelligent operation.


based on the continuous expansion of the retail business of supermarkets, damon reserved electromechanical interfaces during the implementation of the first phase of the project, so that the equipment can be quickly interconnected. this process fully reflects the scalability of the system and establishes a foundation for future projects.

improve efficiency and expand benefits

the project has now been launched, damon's stable and reliable automatic conveying and sorting system has achieved multi-library linkage, and the system is running well at present. the solution's daily guaranteed processing capacity is more than 70,000 pieces, which is more than 10 times the previous logistics efficiency. the delivery response time of this project is shortened by 3-4 days, which helps to improve the logistics efficiency of the new retail supply chain of supermarkets. the whole system is easy to operate, and after being put into use, the effect is remarkable. at present, the number of operators in the logistics park has been significantly reduced, which has improved the operating efficiency of the system. at the same time, the labor intensity and input cost are greatly reduced.


honor and value

the most critical point of retail is to continuously meet the needs of consumers. as one of the typical applications in the supermarket industry, the project has won the "2021 smart logistics technology excellent case award" and the "china retail expo best supply chain improvement" list of preferred cases. the shiyan integrated logistics warehouse and distribution center jointly built by ncs and damon reflects damon's unique insights and professionalism in the new retail field and has strong reproducibility and promotion. the project supports retailers with standardized transportation and sorting products super non-standard applications so that the experience of end consumers has been further improved.


in the future, damon will continue to focus on the supermarket and retail sectors. damon will give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain and create more advanced and reliable intelligent logistics system solutions. at the same time, damon empowers more industry customers and is committed to becoming the world's top one-stop intelligent logistics solution provider for supermarkets and retail.

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