damon technology group’s chairmen of board xu zhuo was awarded the title of "the 20th outstanding entrepreneur of zhejiang province"-利来app官方下载


jan 21,2022

damon technology group’s chairmen of board xu zhuo was awarded the title of "the 20th outstanding entrepreneur of zhejiang province"

zhejiang province is a major commercial province in china. "zhejiang entrepreneurs" enjoy a good reputation all over the world, and they are also known as "jews of the east". recently, zhejiang enterprise confederation and zhejiang entrepreneurs association jointly launched “the 20th zhejiang outstanding entrepreneur selection and commendation” activity. after several rounds of strict assessments, xu zhuo (damon technology group’s chairmen of board) was honored on the list!


congratulations to mr. zhuo for winning the title of "outstanding entrepreneur of zhejiang province"!

damon has developed so far, and there are so many things in mr. zhuo that we can learn from. mr. zhuo's forward-looking management concept and broad pattern are an example that every member of the damon family needs to learn from. winning this honor is not only an affirmation of mr. zhuo's hard work and professionalism over the years but also an affirmation of damon group. under the leadership of mr. zhuo, damon always insists on independent research and development. damon takes scientific and technological innovation as its mission and makes every effort to develop the environmental protection logistics industry chain. in the end, damon became a leading company in the industry.


as the chairman of board, mr. zhuo has an outstanding strategic vision and excellent management ability. many years ago, mr. zhuo had insight into the huge business opportunities in china's logistics equipment market and made reasonable deployments in a relatively short period of time. he accurately found the exact market demand and led damon to become a leading enterprise in the field of transportation and sorting in china's logistics equipment industry after 20 years of excellent development. he always takes scientific and technological innovation as the core, while taking into account the concept of scientific management. in addition, mr. zhuo is also the leader of china's logistics equipment technology. he has played a key role in the r&d and industrialization of intelligent logistics technology. in the process of the company's growth, mr. zhuo has won many awards at the same time.

although an outstanding entrepreneur is a personal title, mr. zhuo believes that this honor belongs to more than 1,000 members of the damon family at the same time. each member of the damon family is dedicated and united, has the courage to bear pressure, and pursues unremittingly. damon’s every step, every transformation, and every growth is inseparable from all employees.


at the time of the rapid development of damon, the company has determined the development direction to be a world-renowned provider of intelligent logistics systems and key equipment. mr. zhuo and all damon employees will continue to adhere to the core elements of company development. damon will find the driving force for development in the “digital age”! damon will allow enterprises to create miracles in the new era! damon will create a stable foundation for damon's next decade!

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