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jan 28,2022

damon technology and infra structure start cooperation, a new revolution in logistics supply chain

on january 15, 2022, damon technology group officially formed a strategic alliance with infra structure. zhou binghua (gm of intelligent manufacturing division of damon) and chen jianan (vp of investment and infra structure) reached a cooperation plan during this meeting.


at present, the supply chain service market has huge development potential. logistics supply chain service companies need a “digital transformation”. as a result, damon can solve core problems such as the incomplete function of a complex logistics supply chain, the poor sharing channels of logistics information, and resources caused by backward information technology, etc. ultimately, damon can quickly meet market and customer needs.


in recent years, damon has made progress in digital technologies such as ai, iot, internet blockchain, ar/vr, cloud computing, and data analysis. about application research and development, damon has successively released a new generation of products: digital iot cross-belt sorter, intelligent multi-layer shuttle system, phegda (phm) system equipment prediction and health management system, forklift agv based on innovative visual navigation, high-speed balance wheel sorter, intelligent single-piece separation system, etc.


in this cooperation plan, damon technology and infra structure will use their respective industrial operation experience and technology platforms to complete the “digital transformation” of the smart logistics supply chain. under this cooperation opportunity, damon will continue to develop high-end intelligent logistics equipment products such as ai iot technology, mobile informatization, machine vision, and sensing technology, focusing on products and technologies. damon will expand its comprehensive solution service capabilities in the field of the logistics supply chain.


in the future, damon will upgrade its intelligent logistics equipment with iot communication modules and digital systems. damon will use data analysis to ensure the growth of ai computing power, and ultimately form the ai decision-making capability of the intelligent logistics system. at the same time, damon will build a bridge between virtual and reality, and build a new warehouse distribution center and intelligent manufacturing factory. damon will create an industrial "metaverse" to help revolutionize the logistics supply chain.


zhuo xu, chairman of damon technology group, said: "with the strategic and technical support of infra structure, a professional provider of overall industrial supply chain solutions, damon will definitely get better and better. based on the hardware system of intelligent logistics equipment and the core of the information-based business management software system, damon will use advanced technologies to provide more comprehensive and scalable logistics integrated products and solutions for logistics supply chain service enterprises." damon and infra structure will make progress together and carry out in-depth cooperation. ultimately, the two groups will jointly promote the high-quality and vigorous development of the intelligent logistics supply chain through technological innovation.


about infra structure

infra structure was established in november 2020 which was jointly initiated and established by many well-known tripartite logistics companies. infra structure will strive to become a professional industrial supply chain total solution provider - providing professional logistics services for various situations. the mission of infra structure is to "make logistics more efficient and exciting". by building a logistics industry platform, infra structure helps partner companies improve operational efficiency and corporate competitiveness, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and maximize value.

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