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nov 25,2022

how to handle your logistics to face bfcm 2022 efficiently?

black friday and cyber monday: a logistic nightmare?

black friday and cyber monday (bfcm) is one of the busiest periods of the year. consumers and retailers have been immersed in bfcm, which in recent years has grown into several weeks. the expectations of next day delivery after payment in combination with the sheer amount of goods ordered can leave logistics services under considerable strain. logistics operations can go wrong leading to lost sales opportunities or a bad customer experience due to out-of-stocks, delivery delays or other customer complaints.


e-commerce and parcel express industry is always guaranteed to be kept on its toes when it comes to bfcm logistics. with online sales volumes poised to increase yet again this holiday season, supply chains are making preparations to bulletproof your logistics and get your commodity inventory ready just in time for bfcm. automatic logistics equipment needs to be fully effective to meet the peak demand. to all the operations, customer service and logistics teams worldwide: the biggest shopping season is approaching, are you ready to capture the whooping sales opportunity during bfcm 2022?


damon knows bfcm logistics well

bfcm logistics can be a huge challenge for supply chains all over the world. damon makes logistics for bfcm faster and easier not just for you, but for the customers your business prides itself on. we’ll help you handle bfcm logistics like a pro with our logistics expertise, excellent services and the latest technology. needing some support? well, damon is here to help. trust us.


damon has independently developed a full range of conveying and sorting product lines, including i-g5 modular intelligent conveying platform, cross belt sorter, high-speed diverter, telescopic belt conveyor, parcel belt conveyor, curve belt conveyor, flexible expandable conveyor, etc. these products are designed to build an excellent and efficient new intelligent logistics system especially for leading enterprises in e-commerce and parcel express industry. and there is no doubt that our technical precipitation and rich experience brings efficiency, security and quality to our clients against any problem or delay that may arise in their goods distribution.


plan your own bfcm logistics!

if you would be interested in gaining a logistics partner proven to achieve, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and start your logistic business with damon now!


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