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jan 06,2023

smart logistics system flexibly gets pharmaceutical e-commerce efficiency improved

conveying and sorting system project of a pharmaceutical e-commerce logistics distribution center


locationzhangshu, jiangxi, china

area8,820 m2



as a famous modern pharmaceutical group integrating r&d, production and sales of drugs and health products, the company integrates marketing channels and resources and builds a third-party smart pharmaceutical logistics base in order to realize the centralized management of multiple businesses. it provides fast comprehensive pharmaceutical distribution services by optimizing the processes of drug supply, sales and transportation.



the b2c terminal business of this project is highly concentrated, requiring a large area of picking space. the large number of pharmaceutical e-commerce orders, complex categories and large flows in the explosive product area make it difficult for the existing warehouse to support the rapid distribution of a large number of e-commerce medicine orders. large-scale picking tasks cannot be completed only by manual, and the medicine sorting is highly complicated.



in order to effectively deal with the fragmented delivery of massive e-commerce orders, damon has provided a complete intelligent conveying and sorting system solution for the company to help its b2c drugs outbound delivery. it is interconnected with wms, which automatically collects data, accurately transfers information, plans the routine of warehouse in real time. wms can also intelligently dispatch all the equipment in the warehouse to do their best and digitally manage the process of outbound delivery for rapid response to the customer’s needs and efficient omni-channel fulfillment.


the solution for outbound delivery line runs through the explosive and non-explosive areas. i-g5 intelligent carton conveying lines with a total length of 1km are deployed to flexibly cooperated with the amr g2p picking solution, which adapts multiple kinds of shelves and categories. the solution can improve the picking process and optimize the walking path of personnel.


at the front end, all the medicine kits are accumulated and released, kept to one side and pulled in distance, so as to greatly improve the accuracy and fluency of diverting. after medicine kits are sorted, telescopic belt conveyors are directly used for convenient loading, and the dynamic balances are added for automatic weighing, which is convenient for customers to settle accounts with parcel express companies.


"curve roller conveyors pads" are adopted to ensure an easy passage of small goods in curve conveying and reduce the risk of carton jamming. staged guardrail design is adopted for conveying lines of the feeding section to ensure the steady conveying of medicine kits, which is convenient for personnel to take the cartons.


all the belt conveyors touched by operators are designed with depression bars, which conforms to ergonomic characteristics. safety fences are arranged around the pallet lifts to prevent operators from entering by mistakes.


【application effects】

1) several i-g5 conveying lines are arranged in various areas to meet the large-flow conveying of 4,500-6,500 pcs/h in explosive product area.

2) two in one batch merging dynamic control is adopted to greatly improve the system processing capacity, which reaches 6,500 pcs/h high-speed merging.

3) combined with electric roller diverters, the sorting rate can reach 6,500 pcs/h.

4) the automatic case sealing and labeling machine can handle 1,100 pieces per hour, greatly reducing personnel’s input.

5) connected with amrs, the pallet lifts flexibly realize cross-floor and handling with an efficiency of 40 torr/h. to release the workload of personnel.

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