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jan 20,2023

damon positive driven curve belt conveyor:a key product with high stability in curve conveying

curve conveying is a key to intelligent conveying systems, which has high requirements for product quality and stability. through precise production and perfect control process, damon has launched positive driven curve belt conveyor. this product is driven by the motor to put the gears in motion, so as to complete the belt transmission. it can be rapidly deployed at any node of the intelligent conveying system to adjust the parcel conveying direction. and it can be widely used in the parcel conveying scenes of various cartons, boxes, packages, soft bags, etc., which is mainly used in the automatic logistics warehouse of parcel express, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, fashion, books, supermarket & retail and other industries.


excellent performance

1) high efficiency and heavy loading

-high-speed and low-noise operation, its conveying speed can be up to 150m/min, its noise is lower than 72db.

-the maximal bearing capacity of the equipment can reach 80kg/㎡, and load changes do nothing to its functions.

2) stable and reliable

-all-steel body and extremely low belt tension, which can effectively reduce the wear rate of transmission parts, and greatly extends the life of the equipment.

-with the double positioning of guide rails chains, the belt will never slip/deviate, ensuring the smooth conveying in harsh environment.

3) safe and energy-saving

-all transmission parts are protected by motor guards and gap pressing plates with a high safety level.

-decelerated motor drive units are adopted to control all lines at low voltage to reduce energy consumption.

4) flexible and easy to use

-damon provides the overall unit for customers, and there is no need to adjust its accuracy after power-on, plug and play.

-fast disassembly design and convenient operation, belt replacement can be completed within 23min, which causes low maintenance cost.


damon curve belt conveyor can be divided into three major series: plane curve belt conveyor, spiral curve belt conveyor and spiral belt lift. the full series of products with ce certification can meet the continuous parcel conveying steering/lifting requirements of all categories, multiple specifications and forms. according to different applicable scenes of customers, products with high cost performance can be matched to do customized design. providing model / color schemes for different configurations are provided.


plane curve belt conveyor

suitable to the scene where the conveying direction changes on the same flat surface.

spiral curve belt conveyor

suitable to the scene where the conveying direction changes between two planes with small altitude difference.

spiral belt lift

suitable to the scene of vertical conveying between two planes in limited site but large altitude difference. it adopts modular splicing is adopted, and multiple access modes are available.


as a professional manufacturer of intelligent logistics equipment, damon has provided high-quality curve belt conveyor products to well-known enterprises such as amazon, lazada, dhl, jne, cdek, coupang, etc. with 7*24 hours of pre-sales technical support and after-sales service guarantee, damon has helped global customers around the world with one-stop whole process guidance, including spare parts service, product installation, daily maintenance, personnel training, etc., to quickly respond to customers’ needs, and achieve high-quality delivery of products.

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