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feb 03,2023

how can damon i-g5 realize large flow conveying and sorting in limited space with high efficiency?

the increasing of e-commerce business in the world is carrying all before it. how can e-commerce warehouses logistics system handle the order lines quantity increasing easily? damon i-g5 modular intelligent case conveying platform can stably and accurately convey various of goods and fast handle return orders in a limited space of warehouse and greatly improve the system efficiency.


an indispensable module in every i-g5 platform

high performance 90° transfer is an indispensable and independent unit in the system, this transfer is mainly responsible for transferring box into or out of the main conveying line. when the line has many diverting point but have limited space, several transfers connecting together will becomes a box sorting lines with various destinations in a compact area, it also can rapidly change the flow direction of goods to save space.


damon has two types of 90° transfer, embedded transfer and modular electric roller transfer. those two types have strong applicability and wide acceptable range of good size. they can be deployed in the system according to different throughput. these two types of transfer adopt standardized modular design, the roller and the belt can be easily disassembled from top, which is easy to operate and maintain.


the magical effect of 90° transfer

when the goods coming into the transfer and pass through the photo sensor, the plc will control the transfer to stop, and the conveying friction roller unit will move up and down alternately to have the goods conveyed by 90° direction. this unit can transfer the box between the two/three parallel lines to each other, and also t-shaped line, 1 in 3direction crossing point.


how to improve the performance of the transfer effectively?

1) transfer efficiency

the throughput of the transfer station is directly proportional to its running speed and is inversely proportional to the pitch of the goods. when the length of the good is determined, the transfer efficiency of the equipment can be improved by speeding up, reducing the gap between goods and increasing the up-and-down action speed. the maximum conveying speed of damon transfer is 60 m/min, the throughput can reach 1,800-2,000 pcs/h.


2) stability

the transfer adopts four corner point to keep up-down movement balance. even if the goods are placed not so correctly, it can still transfer out smoothly without goods stuck or jam. the up movement is by a cams which outline track is a sine acceleration curve line, so there is no suddenly speed change and urge acceleration movement in the whole transfer process. therefore, the equipment able to run at a high speed smoothly.


thanks for this wonderful transfer module, damon i-g5 can realize high-speed and stable conveying and sorting by a large volume of goods in a compact space. and relying on the flexibility and efficiency advantages, it can create great values for global customers together with other intelligent sorting equipment.

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