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feb 17,2023

intelligent logistics system helps upgrade down clothing brand supply chain at full speed

tanboer logistics distribution center intelligent conveying and sorting system project

industry: fashion

location:qingzhou, shandong, china

area:14,689 m2


【about tanboer】

qingzhou tanboer garment co., ltd., founded in shandong province in 1999, is a modern enterprise dedicated to r&d, production and sales of brand down clothing. its sales outlets can be found everywhere in more than 20 provinces and cities including shandong, tianjin, henan, hebei, northeast china, shanxi, hubei, etc. and its market share ranks stably in the forefront of the same industry in china. tanboer has won the title of well-known trademark of chinese down clothing.



tanboer smart hi-tech zones project, whose total investment is 860 million rmb, covers an area of 233 mu. by focusing on the construction of the global r&d and design center, online sales centers and modern logistics distribution centers, tanboer has been establishing an intelligent digital ecosystem platform for the entire industry chain of down clothing relying on big data. and its intelligent logistics base covers over 16,000 square meters of storage and operation areas.



at present, the proportion of tanboer online business has reached 35%. especially after the rise of live broadcasting, its number of orders has increased rapidly with huge fluctuation, and the skus are complex. in addition, the replenishment needs of each outlet are different, so tanboer also puts forward higher requirements for "precise inventory control". and the recruitment difficulties and high labor cost have also gradually become the logistics pain spots of tanboer.



in order to realize the overall layout of logistics automation within the plant, damon has tailored a high-efficient and stable intelligent conveying and sorting system solution for tanboer. through the deployment of i-g5 modular intelligent carton conveying platform, the connection of the 8# and 9# warehouses in series is realized, which can greatly shorten the walking path of operators.


spiral lifts are used to connect the conveying lines to realize cross-floor transportation of goods. and the empty turnover box return line is set to recycle unoccupied turnover boxes quickly so as to improve personnel efficiency and reduce labor costs.


tanboer's online orders can be mainly divided into two forms: orders from websites and live broadcasting. therefore, damon has designed different picking areas for different order types. and damon uses das (digital assorting system) to reallocate the goods in the turnover box and sort out various goods in a single order, which can greatly improve the picking efficiency and sorting accuracy. however, a single item in an order is directly transferred to the manual packing platform for review.


the high-speed diverters will sort precisely packed goods to each express port for delivery. and the dynamic automatic weighing devices can rescan and recheck the packages, which is convenient for customers to check the settlement with parcel express companies. in addition, damon has also applied wms to control the delivery situation of goods in real time for easy logistics management on site.


【application effects】

1) the conveying efficiency of the system can reach 1,500 pcs/h

2) the handling capacity of goods delivery is 3,000 pcs/h, and the sorting accuracy is up to 99.999%

3) the daily order quantity has been significantly increased by 60%, meeting the replenishment demand of 50,000 orders per day

4) the number of operators in the logistics center is reduced to 50, and the operation intensity is reduced by 30%

5) reduce labor cost by 20% and logistics management cost by 30%

6) in line with the trend of diversified business development, which can support the goods storage and sku expansion in the next five years


【client reviews】

"damon's solution is the fittest one with our actual business, and its reliable strength in intelligent logistics integration has also proved that our choice is correct. in recent years, the covid-19 has had a huge impact on the delivery capability of enterprises, but damon still does its best to support us. all the employees of damon did not leave the site during project delivery, so we are very moved by their commitment to their jobs. we are looking forward to cooperating with damon again!"

——mr. hou, vice president of tanboer

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