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mar 17,2023

damon system solutions greatly improve the logistics speed of a fashion e-commerce brand with high quality

dewu d11 logistics center intelligent conveying and sorting system project


locationjiading, shanghai, china

areanearly 280,000 m2

【about dewu】

dewu app is the world's leading fashion online shopping community of certified products integrating e-commerce and life, which has gathered all kinds of new, trendy and cool commodities, such as fashion shoes, fashion clothes, watches, accessories, fashion toys, 3c digital products, home appliances, beauty makeups, etc. it is the first choice for the sale and operation of various fashion brands.



the upgrading project of dewu d11 logistics center covers an area of nearly 280,000 square meters, which provides online commodity identification and warehouse logistics services for its supply chain business. in addition, due to the rapid adjustment of its business, the project was once faced with problems such as tight delivery time.



there are a lot of warehouse logistics parts in the current spot mode of dewu supply chain, which is mainly made up of consignment sales and brand business to warehouses. and the reverse links are very complicated. dewu attaches great importance to the timely performance of orders for refined management of the efficiency and cost of "people, goods, warehouses and vehicles". therefore, dewu puts forward higher requirements for the system flux of the d11 logistics center and the stability of core equipment.



the flexible intelligent conveying and sorting system solution damon has custom-built for dewu is closely integrated with its business. it is in place of steps through the whole process of "receiving-labelling-quality inspection-photo taking-identification-carton change for consignment sales -packaging-sorting-delivery" to reduce the intensity of manual work. and the handling efficiency of the system has been steadily improved.


the d11 logistics center is divided into two three-story areas in north-south direction, which are connected by corridors. damon has deployed i-g5 modular intelligent carton conveying lines with a total length of nearly 5km to optimize walking path for operators. and 12 sets of spiral lifts are used for cross-floor transportation and cross-warehouse connection.


to ensure accurate delivery of goods, damon has designed a set of high-speed cross belt sorting system, which provides a reliable guarantee for the timely processing of its return business. the system is in the shape of ”8” to greatly improve space utilization. it is equipped with advanced visual cameras and sensors to read the codes. and the dense packages can be tracked through the technology of supplementary light source and optical image for all-round barcode recognition.


【application effects】

1the speed of i-g5 main conveying line is 120 m/min. the handling capacity of the system reaches 3,000 pcs/h.

2the sorting efficiency of the system can reach 10,000 pcs/h, and the sorting accuracy is up to 99.999%.

3the system can support the distribution of up to 200,000 footwear orders every day, and it can meet the demand for efficient delivery of 250,000 orders per day during peak times.


【client reviews】

this time, with the successful delivery of the d11 series projects, damon were highly recognized by customers and has won an award of “dewu’s 2022 best partner”, due to its ingenuity in intelligent conveying and sorting, high-efficient and stable intelligent logistics system solutions, professional customized plan solutions, high-standard equipment selection and quality control, product technology optimization, and excellent project full-process services.

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