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mar 31,2023

damon makes high-quality projects delivered, creating values for global customers!

recently, damon received a thank-you email from our partner, greek , about "a well-known pharmaceutical enterprise system integration project.". greek stated in the email that the project has been checked and accepted successfully at present. and satisfactory operating results have been achieved. damon’s considerate professional service and strong team execution ability have been fully recognized by customers and partners.


service network covers all over the world

damon has built a complete overseas service network, setting up manufacturing bases in china, australia, the united states, and romania. and marketing and service centers have been established in india, vietnam, brazil, etc. our service offices and spare parts warehouses can be found all over the world. damon has maintained long-term partnerships with some well-known suppliers in the industry. based on the principle of "the local serve the local", damon has provided high-efficient and stable logistics system solutions and high-quality services for many industry benchmark enterprises. 2500 projects have been delivered perfectly and have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.


the whole process management of projects

damon has optimized the sop and management method for project implementation based on pmp to decompose and refine work tasks step by step. the project process management has been improved through auxiliary tools such as i-mis platform, sap-ps module, bpm, oa, etc. to ensure the project delivery on schedule.


damon can quickly identify and estimate possible risks may appear during project implementation, and provide suitable risk response plans, which can accurately control the risks for project full lifecycle management, and to improve project implementation quality.


damon has set up an on-site material management platform, using pms as the medium to break through barriers to production and on-site material information for transparent management of material information. at the same time, damon strengthens safety supervision and potential dangers troubleshooting on the project site to reduce the safety accidents.


through the nation-unified 7*24 service hotline, damon can quickly respond to customers' new demands anytime and anywhere. permanent after-sales personnels can arrive at the site within 1-4 hours to deal with the issues, which provides strong after-sales service guarantees for full process value delivery of projects.


team strength and professionalism

damon has a complete project management and after-sales service system with a reasonable resource structure. there are nearly 100 people in our professional team, who are responsible for both international and domestic business of system integration. all team members own international pmp certificates and safety officer certificates. they have rich experience in large-scale project delivery and a clear understanding of the implementation process and technical key points of the system project.


damon project team has strong subjective initiative. they can arrange projects reasonably to accurately control the project progress and avoid potential risks in the project. they can also well control the product quality and project nodes. in addition, damon attaches importance to the skill cultivation of the project team. through the establishment of a professional knowledge base, damon regularly conducts relevant trainings on professionalism, business and service ability, and other aspects for project leaders to improve the management ability of the project team.


damon always adheres to customer-centered and building up its product competitiveness, project core capabilities, and quality vitality, to practically help customers improve their logistics operational efficiency. in the future, damon will continue to improve the quality of its core products and project management and strengthen cooperation with ecological chain groups to enable global customers to achieve profitable growth, so as to truly become a trustworthy provider of intelligent logistics core equipment and system solutions!

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