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apr 14,2023

damon 90-degree transfer: a reliable option for smooth and fast transfer on your conveying line

damon introduces a high performance 90-degree transfer unit, it can quickly change the flow of the goods and transfer products quietly and smoothly. the speed can reach 60 m/min and the transfer efficiency is up to 1,800-2,000 pcs/h. when the space of your logistics center is limited, how can damon deploy our conveyor line?


being a completely independent module means easy integration within any conveyor. due to standardized and modular design, damon 90-degree transfer fits into all existing conveyor standard frames to upgrade. therefore, it is the ideal solution for high-speed automate transfer and sortation of mixed loads when integrated in our i-g5 conveying platform. and it is possible to combine several damon 90-degree transfers for advanced sorting or sequencing systems as well.



1) high throughput

-high response speed and high transfer efficiency

-boost the efficiency of your sorting system

-increase productivity by reducing human error


2) easy configuration

-shift conveying directions forwards or backwards, left or right.

-transfer and divert product loads of various sizes and types, up to 50 kg.

-easy to horizontally install in very compact space, quick replacement of key components


3) stable safety

-entirely powered by 24vdc brushless motors, providing high safety and low maintenance

-design to facilitate a ce compliant installation of the conveyor

-improve work environment by reducing risks of injury for the operators


4) energy saving

-operate only when products` need to be moved to save energy

-operate at a low driving voltage, low energy consumption


common uses

damon has different types of 90-degree transfers for your logistic needs, which can be used in a great variety of applications and industries. for example, they can combine with check weigher for pass / fail product sorting by weight. our engineers provide custom consultations to work with you every step of the way from design to installation.



• straight transfer

• 180° transfer

• 90° transfer

• free flow

• sorting

• buffer management

• renovation / modification


application scenes:

• warehousing & dispatch

• distribution centers

• freight & logistics

• packing lines


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