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may 26,2023

damon intelligent pallet conveyors high-effectively help handle the heavy goods

material handling has always been an essential process in the entire logistics system of various industries, and the conveying system is like a "blood vessel", which is a necessary support to ensure the orderly circulation in each progress. in recent years, damon intelligent pallet conveyor has undergone functional upgrades and structural optimizations in construction, driving components, photoelectric brackets, etc., fully matching the application scenes of different industries. with good performance and excellent stability, it meets customers' needs for loading efficiency, position accuracy, and conveying speed of the system, which brings high-efficient and fully automatic continuous heavy goods handling solutions to the market.


damon pallet conveyor has functions such as receiving, conveying, processing, and buffering materials. during the process of goods entering into /out of the warehouse, it covers all kinds of logistics progress such as people to workstations, workstations to workstations, processing to warehousing, and processing to assembly, etc. it automatically realizes zero-pressure accumulation conveying or uninterrupted cross-space transfer of pallet materials. through ai automatic identification, it can simultaneously complete steps such as size inspection and weighing. its conveying capacity can be adjusted based on the capacity of the automatic warehouse.


damon pallet conveyor can be seamlessly connected with various handling equipment such as forklifts, lifts, agvs, etc. it can be widely used in e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, fashion, supermarket & retail, tobacco, intelligent manufacturing, automobile disassembly, food processing, 3c electronics and appliances, and many other fields.


in addition, damon pallet conveyor can also be integrated as a module with stackers for dynamic warehousing and pallet shuttles for high-density storage to ensure smooth connection with pallet dynamic warehousing system and achievement of high throughput. it is constantly expanding. through the combination and application of diversified products, the connection among each process becomes closer, which greatly improves production and operation efficiency, and helps to plan and build up smart warehousing and logistics centers rapidly.


at present, damon has successfully helped well-known brands in the industry such as asd, jingao technology, xinneng'an, anta, etc. to create values, and has received unanimous recognition from them. from planning and design to installation debugging, damon has always been committed to creating cost-effective intelligent pallet conveying system solutions for global customers, injecting strong conveying power into logistics systems of the enterprises.

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