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jun 25,2023

an article reveals the intelligent logistics prescription specifically created by damon for the fashion industry

in the era of z, customer stickiness created by good service experience is becoming a major plan to determine the long-term development of fashion brands. logistics, as an important part of the service experience, has become an important indicator to enhance the core competitiveness of footwear enterprises.


under the rapidly changing market rhythm, shoe and apparel brands have opened up online and offline omni-channel sales, and the increase in the number of skus and fragmented consumption orders makes consumers put higher requirements on the supply chain response ability and rapid delivery ability of shoe and apparel companies. in face of tens of millions of levels of cargo volume, footwear companies are paying more attention to efficient dismantling, and more and more footwear brands are accelerating the transformation to digital supply chains. the logistics warehouse flexibility has become inevitable.


so, as an intelligent logistics system solution provider, damon technology is how to grasp the difficulties of fashion logistics, create upstream and downstream coordination, high-efficient flexible intelligent logistics solutions, and then timely solve the problem of goods turnover, help shoe and apparel enterprises to achieve a full range of supply chain management?


the business of fashion industry is mainly divided into five modules: new style distribution, store replenishment and b2c e-commerce, fast response and returns. in view of diversified business scenarios, damon has the matching self-developed core intelligent logistics equipment and logistics information management software to deal with the difficult problems in the major links of fashion logistics. at the same time, through strong system project integration capabilities and implementation experience, intelligent agv, amr, automatic loader and unloader, mechanical arm, pallet stacking and distacking system, three-dimension warehouse stacker, quick storage and other automatic equipment, to provide customers with one-stop landing solutions and continuous high-quality service support, and realizes the digital upgrade of the whole process of shoes and clothing goods from unloading, warehousing and putting on the rack to storage and picking, and then to distribution review, collection and shipment, and reverse return of goods.


specially designed for to b business

with the decrease in the new style distribution volume of shoes and clothing to b business year by year and the increasing store replenishment volume, sku of shoes and clothing is disperse and the full container load rate is low, and the gradual increase in dismantled goods volume makes the selection demand in the warehouse more and more large. at the same time, the storage of shoes and clothing goods is divided into pallet storage and carton storage, bulk parts storage and hanging storage and other modes. in order to solve these logistics pain points, damon has designed the pallet conveying line, i-g5 carton conveyor platform and hanging chain conveyor according to different business characteristics and scenario applications, and through the combination of vertical conveying products, to meet the diversified picking and conveying needs of shoes and clothing goods. in addition, aiming at the business characteristics of to b end large shipments, damon has also set up large sorting equipment with high flow to achieve high-efficient sorting and fast delivery.


specially designed for to c business

due to the increasing frequency of daily small promotion, large fluctuations in the amount of orders, and the rise of online group buying, making the proportion of multiple orders increase. aiming at business characteristics of “many orders, small quantity” of shoes to c end, sku dispersing, damon plans a long-distance conveying line according to the order flow of small promotion, connects the operation links of the entire reservoir area in series, reduces the manual handling distance, optimizes the manual walking path, and reserves large-scale picking surfaces in each zone, presets the power grid interface, and sets up temporary packing platform areas to easily cope with the peak order of large promotion.


in recent years, the cost awareness of consumers has gradually increased, and the online low-cost sales model of all categories of shoes and clothing to c end has made enterprises pay more attention to costs. based on the consideration to customer value, damon advocates cost-effective flexible intelligent logistics equipment, such as small automatic packers, flexible and small three-dimensional put wall and other flexible equipment, greatly improve human efficiency and delivery time, to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency. at the same time, damon also deployed balance wheel sorter and other small sorting equipment, ready to use, rapid deployment, short project cycle, and i-g5 conveying line to meet the large flow sorting needs when enterprises run small promotion, effectively improve the timeliness of end delivery.


specially designed for return business

with the fashion enterprises' strong support to 

however, different enterprises have different brand positioning, market structure, business scenarios, order data, delivery mode and operation process, so the planning solutions of fashion logistics should be customized to meet the actual needs of customers. damon has been deeply engaged in intelligent logistics solutions for the footwear and apparel industry for decades. by fully understanding customer needs, damon tailorizes suitable logistics automation system solutions for the head enterprises in the footwear and apparel industry, and provides personalized logistics operation support to truly achieve seamless connection from the end of supply chain to end user.


after introducing damon's advanced intelligent logistics system solutions, fashion logistics can usher in significant improvements.


to solve the actual pain points of shoes and clothing supply chain logistics is the constant insistence of damon. at present, damon has successfully created high-quality industry benchmark intelligent logistics projects for joeone, tanboer, carbbeen, belle, aimer, anta, samsonite, day broadcast and many other well-known brands, and has been fully recognized by customers. in the future, damon will continue to rely on its high-quality logistics hardware and software products and personalized services, insist on bringing a series of customized intelligent logistics system solutions to the footwear industry, enabling global customers to create value and achieve excellent supply chain connectivity.

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