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product introduction


to maximize the parcel handling capacity of the whole warehouse/transit depot in a limited site space, it is necessary to build a multi-layer and multi-dimensional conveyor and sorting system by superposing the conveyor and sorting system over each other three-dimensionally, and the platform with steel structure is the indispensable equipment for the rapid realization of this multi-layer conveyor and sorting system.
the steel structure platform adopts a standardized and modular design and bolted type assembly structure, which can meet the requirements of platforms of different sites, different heights, different floors and different purposes. the high versatility and interchangeability of various components of the steel structure platform improve the efficiency of project design, platform manufacturing and installation, and also provide a solid foundation for the robustness of the equipment.

product features

  • expand capacity and improve efficiency
    regional deployment of multi-layer transport and sorting operations greatly increases the parcel handling capacity per unit area.
    the warehouse utilization rate has been significantly improved due to the application of the multi-layer three-dimensional space, which significantly reduces the workshop leasing cost.
    adopts a standardized and modular structure design to allow faster and more efficient loading, unloading and maintenance.

  • safe and reliable
    the beams and columns are tightly locked with high-strength anti-off bolts, and fixed on the ground with chemical bolts. the whole platform is as sturdy as a rock.
    the interlocking structure adopted between the panels never falls apart and the overall robustness is like walking on flat ground.
    with an average load safety factor up to 1.5 times, the platform is overall sturdy.

  • flexible and diverse
    there are a variety of deck panels, such as diamond plate, grating plate etc., that can be applied to different application scenarios of clients
    a variety of column types and specifications are available which can complete the construction of various platforms of different levels.
    adopts a standardized and modular structure design saves manufacturing time, facilitating loading and unloading simultaneously. 

  • capacity expansion and efficiency improvement
  • firm structure
  • safe and reliable
  • extensive application


matrix platform

equipment platform

maintenance platform

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