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product introduction


since the express parcels are quite different in size and weight, it is quite common to use chutes with sorting equipment to first roughly sort them out, then more thoroughly, so the chutes have become one of the important supporting facilities of large sorting centers. the parcels will be distributed along the predefined path by changing their conveying direction and conveying level (height) within a limited space, and the total equipment investment cost will be reduced simultaneously.
adopting a standardized and modular design as well as the completely new high-precision die stamping technique, a matching chute can be reasonably designed according to the different sizes and weight ranges of goods. the high versatility and interchangeability of chutes improve the efficiency of design, manufacturing and installation, and also provide a solid foundation for the robustness of the equipment.

product features

  • compatible and efficient
    suitable for the sliding delivery of various cartons, parcels, books, express letters and other types of packages.
    the multi-angle and multi-layer diversion sliding delivery of the package can be realized through the combined application of the chutes with different shapes and angles.  
    the goods will slide rapidly and smoothly thanks to the ingenious design of the conveying surface, angle and materials.

  • stable and reliable
    a standardized and modular design, as well as the high-precision molding technique are adopted to ensure the accuracy, robustness and stability of the chute assembly.
    the unique conveying surface, angle and surface treatment greatly increases the sliding friction and stability of the package, and significantly reduces parcel tumbling and collision.
    the modularized production of machine components enables convenient assembly and disassembly, and high-quality material application ensures a robust structure with advantages of smash resistance, wear proof and anti-corrosion protection.

  • complete product specifications
    there is a variety of models, such as straight, spiral, single layer, double layer, unilateral, bilateral and other types, which can satisfy the demand for different application scenarios.
    there are various models, such as one-to-one, one-to-two, one-to-four, etc.
    specifications of 700, 750, 800, 1000, 1200 (mm) and other widths are available for selection.

  • simple structure
  • sturdy and durable
  • convenient installation
  • complete product specifications


90° chute

large screw chute

matrix one splitting four chute

branch line one splitting two chute

single-layer chute

single side automatic sorting chute

double layer small goods chute

single layer small goods chute

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