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product introduction


dws is the conveying equipment that integrates multiple functions such as code scanning, weighing, volume measurement, etc., or the conveying equipment possessing either one or two of those functions. dws completely liberated workers from tedious and inefficient manual code scanning, weighing and volume measurement, greatly improving the system throughput rate and reducing the labor force, significantly saving the operating cost.
damon's dws series equipment adopts a standardized and modular design that can be rapidly connected to the conveyor system to complete deployment. the system reserves a variety of communication interfaces and can quickly connect to wms, tms, wcs and other upper systems. the equipment adopts the best-in-class scanning and measurement core modules, and has the advantages of high efficiency, fast transmission, robustness and high reliability.

product features

  • precise and efficient
    real-time dynamic upload of parcel information with auto-code reading. the code reading recognition rate is as high as 99.9%.
    real-time dynamic measurement and entry of the parcel weight information with a weighing accuracy of up to ±10g.  
    online real-time dynamic measurement and entry of volume data. handling efficiency is far greater than manual scanning.

  • stable and reliable
    adopts high precision technique, such as laser and molds etc., to ensure the part precision and the assembly precision of each module.
    data loss is not a worry owing to strong anti-interference capability of data collection and the real-time data upload system.
    driven by a servo motor, the conveying equipment starts and stops steadily, accurately and rapidly.

  • cost and consumption reduction
    operating efficiency is significantly increased compared with manual labor, significantly reducing manpower and the number of operating sites.
    plug-and-play without debugging is achieved due to the adoption of modular design for code scanning, weighing, and measuring functions.
    adopts an intelligent sleep design and a new energy-efficient motor, automatically suspending operation when there is no parcel, to save energy and reduce consumption.

  • precise
  • convenient
  • stable and reliable
  • cost-efficient


dynamic weighing conveyor

double dynamic weighing conveyor

inclined dynamic weighing conveyor

heavy cargo weighing conveyor

industrial robots with single /double scales dws

intelligent bar code line scanner

self-service delivery terminals/self-service pick-up terminal

dws small goods quick scanner

six-side scanning equipment

dws code reading& weighing & volume measuring equipment

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