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highly flexible agv sorting and goods-to-person picking solution


the sorting agv is carried with a high-speed belt conveyor and can form an intelligent sorting and handling system together with baskets/bags and automated package infeeding equipment (such as conveyors and robots). the system can be used for order picking and path sorting. it has many notable features such as the steel-free platform, high flexibility, high efficiency, and low cost, often used in the express delivery and e-commerce industries. in addition, the backpack agv together with the dedicated shelves and the picking workstation can also form a goods-to-person picking system. such a picking mode, compared with the person-to-goods mode where people search for and pick goods, can effectively improve picking efficiency, reduce fatigue and error rate, and is mostly used for order picking in the e-commerce industry. besides, various carriers can be connected to the backpack agv according to demand in order to apply to all kinds of scenarios. regardless of the intelligent sorting and handling system or the goods-to-person picking system, the system has reserved a standard software interface that can quickly connect with external systems such as wcs, wms, mes, erp, and oms.


  • intelligent path correction
    the intelligent system can optimize paths in real-time, making the handling more efficient.
    with two-dimensional code positioning, inertial navigation, and intelligent algorithms, it can calibrate and correct the path in real-time.
    the navigation system features a simple architecture, low cost, convenient and efficient in terms of implementation and arrangement.

  • flexible and easy-to-use system
    the number of agvs can increase or decrease in line with business development and can be added to the system and operate instantly.
    it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without rest, which addresses the problem of labor shortage and the difficulty in personnel management.
    agvs operate individually and back each other up, so that the failure of one agv will not affect the operation of the system.

  • intelligent sorting and handling
    without any platform, it can be adjusted freely and its requirements for space are relatively low.
    the arrangement is more flexible and the operational process and site layout can be optimized in real-time.
    the parcel, grid, and best route can be matched in an intelligent, dynamic way in real-time.

  • efficient goods-to-person picking
    the layout can be adjusted and optimized in a timely and dynamic way based on whether products are marketable or not.
    the storage positions can be preset to timely respond to big promotions and hot sales.
    it can significantly reduce the labor intensity of pickers and greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of picking.

  • intelligent path
  • intelligent correction
  • flexible expansion
  • safe and efficient







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