an unmanned automated solution for handling on the ground level and three-dimensional storage and pick-up


pallet-stacking forklift agvs are a kind of intelligent agvs for stacking that support both items handling on the ground level and three-dimensional stacking, pick-up, and storage. such forklift agvs are able to lift items to a high level and are suitable for handling on the ground level and storage and pickup on a high level of h-shaped, three-vertical-line shaped, nine-legged and other one-sided pallets in the short and medium distances. with its unique and excellent visual navigation solution, it can be quickly deployed on the application site without making any modifications to the on-site environment. pallet-stacking forklift agvs can be combined with automatic charging piles, localization systems, task systems, navigation systems, and others to form an intelligent agv handling and stacking system. the system reserves standard software interfaces for quick connection to wcs, wms, mes, erp, oms, and other external systems to realize continuous unmanned intelligent handling operations. it is an "excellent employee" at the scenes such as factories, warehouses, and logistics centers.


  • excellent visual navigation
    using the unique intelligent "new visual" sensing technology, it achieves reliable and stable navigation regardless of strong light and darkness.
    without reflectors, it neither changes the on-site environment nor is affected by changes in the on-site environment.
    ai image processing and real-time auto body control are organically integrated to achieve real-time path optimization and accurate localization.

  • highly intelligent algorithm
    the real-time task system intelligently plans and optimizes paths on a real-time basis.
    the excellent agv localization system integrates hardware and software to achieve millimeter-grade localization accuracy.
    the intelligent algorithm software allows real-time system corrections to achieve stable and efficient localization.

  • convenient, flexible, and easy to use
    a single agv can be ready for operation when imported into the system, and multiple agvs can be deployed in 2 to 3 weeks.
    the number of agvs can be increased or decreased along with changes in business development, and the agvs can be immediately added to the system for operation.
    it supports customization of process combination and charging strategy, and its interface is user-friendly and easy to operate.

  • significantly improve efficiency
    reduce labor by 60%-80% to improve efficiency and weaken the effects of labor shortage and annoying management issues.
    reduce labor intensity and lower error rate to improve client experience.
    agvs' operation efficiency and accuracy rate are always stable and consistent.

  • highly available
    suitable for handling operations on the ground level in almost all scenarios.
    cooperate with freight elevators to support unmanned transportation across floors.
    operate around the clock throughout the year(24/7/365) regardless of the environmental temperature.

  • visual navigation
  • intelligent algorithm
  • stable and durable
  • efficient and flexible









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