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highly flexible automated sorting and goods-to-person picking solution


the bin storage & pick-up agv is an intelligent agv with storage bins and three-dimensional storage & pick-up. the agv has two types, one has a single storage position and the function of single-sided three-dimensional storage and pick-up; the other has multiple storage positions, revolving retractable forks, and the function of two-sided three-dimensional storage and pick-up. this agv can be combined with a high shelf to form the intelligent high-density storage and pick-up system for cartons, which is suitable for various business scenarios such as broken case picking, full case picking, automated replenishment, and also meet various handling, picking, and sorting needs. the bin storage & pick-up agv in combination with the automated charging pile, positioning system, mission system, navigation system, and other parts can form the intelligent bin storage & pick-up agv system. the system has reserved a standard software interface that can quickly connect with external systems such as wcs, wms, mes, erp, and oms, and realize intelligent picking and automated replenishment operations. it is a "picking master" in scenarios such as logistics centers, factories, and warehouses.


  • excellent ai technology
    the excellent ai technology enables three-dimensional precise positioning and fast storage and pick-up operations.
    intelligent path planning and optimization in real-time can ensure maximal storage and pick-up efficiency.
    intelligent path planning and optimization in real-time can ensure maximal storage and pick-up efficiency.

  • good system design
    the excellent mechanical structure design makes the pick-up and high-speed operation stable and safe.
    the innovative fork structure and two-sided retractable pick-up are compatible with cartons/plastic boxes of various sizes.
    the agv vehicles in the system back each other up, and the failure of one of them does not affect the operation of the system.

  • significant management optimization
    the layout can be adjusted and optimized in a timely and dynamic way based on whether products are marketable or not.
    the storage positions can be preset to timely respond to big promotions and hot sales.
    the storage and pick-up height can reach 3 meters, which doubles the storage capacity.

  • convenient, flexible, and easy to use
    the picking efficiency is increased by 3 to 4 times, labor intensity, as well as the error rate are both reduced, and the client experience is enhanced.
    a single agv is ready to be used after being imported into the system, and multiple agvs can finish their arrangements within 2 to 3 weeks.
    agvs can increase or decrease in line with business development, without limitation on the number, and can be easily expanded and upgraded.

  • flexible deployment
  • artificial intelligence
  • management optimization
  • flexible and easy to use






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